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Horse Care & Grooming Tips (2 of 15) - Untangling the Mane and Tail



Undo your horse's tangled mane.
Then wash it to bring out the natural beauty.
Step 1. Make a detangling spray by diluting Tail & Mane Conditioner with water and work it in with your hands. Step 2. Find a section that has become entwined. Usually two sections twist and roll inward to form a spiral. Once you find the pattern untangle it.
Step 3. Start fingering through the mane. Take your time and work out any twists, knots and tangles. Spray Equine-Shine to detangle stubborn knots and tangles. Step 4. Work with a brush and when you feel resistance, stop. It might be a burr or other plant material that needs to be removed. Step 5. Brush the mane several times, then use a comb. Wash with Equine Shampoo and Tail & Mane Conditioner. The mane will be less likely to hold knots and burrs.
Rio Vista Product Tips
1. When pulling the mane, dilute Cool-Blue Horse Liniment in water and place at the base of the mane. Tugging is less painful.

2. When you brush through the mane, spray a little Equine-Shine Show Coat Polish. It makes the mane more manageable.
3. Clean your horse's mane with Equine Horse Shampoo. It helps prevent rain rot and fungus.

4. Follow shampooing with Tail & Mane Conditioner. It untangles and conditions difficult mane hair and prevents it from becoming dry and brittle.

Once you've washed the mane try braiding.

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