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Horse Gifts for Horse Lovers (9 of 11) - COOL PAD SADDLE BLANKETS

Cool Pads Saddle Blankets
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Cool Pad Saddle Blanket
Top quality wool saddle blanket w/ designer belt

Redspur’s COOL PAD saddle blanket is a top quality wool blanket detailed with beautiful hand painted leather inspired by its COOLBELT collection.  The Respur COOL PAD sparkles with genuine Swarovski crystals and offers a variety of color options.  The COOL PAD has a style perfect for every arena, from show to rodeo.  The COOL PAD is the first saddle blanket that has been decorated with such style, creating a beautiful accessory for a horse and rider.  The Redspur Cool PAD is at horseshows everywhere.

  Size   Blanket Color   Cool Belt Style   Buckle Style   Retail   Price    
30" Black Dolly Brooch $375 $299
Lime Nikki Brooch $375 $299
Black Alana 3pc Gold $300 $239
36" Black Wilma Brooch $375 $299
36" Sand Karen Amy/Spots Hi-Silver $300 $239
36" Sand Karen Amy Hi-Silver $300 $239
36" Sand Pink Antique Plain(none) $260 $208
36" Sand Cordovan - Plain 3pc Gold $300 $239
36" Sand Ruby Antique/Spots Hi-Silver $300 $239
36" Honey Tessa Antique Silver $300 $239
38" Black Alana Brooch $375 $299
38" Black Dolly/Spots Hi-Silver $300 $239
Sample Saddle Blanket Styles (click any image to enlarge)
30"barrel,black,dolly   30"barrel,lime,nikki   36",black,classic   36",black,ruby
36",black,wilma   36",black,standard   36",gold,tessa   36",green,juanita
36",sand,standard   36",sand,cordovan   36,sand,KarenAmy,spot   38"xl,black,alana

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