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Blue Roan Brindle

Added by A.Q.H.A.
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‹‹Img 7882   Magazine  Blue Roan Brindle  Bloodmarks4   09/25/08››
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Comments for Blue Roan Brindle (7)

  1. #1
    11:46 AM
    Re: Blue Roan Brindle
    IS THAT A BRINDLE?!?!? wholy smokes where is that horse from? breed?
  2. #2
    12:37 PM
    Re: Blue Roan Brindle
    Is it REAL?
  3. #3
    12:54 PM
    Re: Blue Roan Brindle
    Dude, If that is real, that is SO COOL!
  4. #4
    01:30 PM
    Heavenly Jumper
    Re: Blue Roan Brindle
    Yes, that's really what a bridle looks like! Isn't it neat!?
  5. #5
    01:35 PM
    Re: Blue Roan Brindle
    too bad its the rarest colour in horses, i would love to have a brindle horse lol
  6. #6
    03:02 PM
    Re: Blue Roan Brindle
    Yeah, mmy horse color explained book has a nornal colored brindle in it. It looks amazing and so rare!
  7. #7
    03:40 PM
    Re: Blue Roan Brindle
    Very neat!
    My mom had dun brindle foal a very, very long time ago. Don't see it much at all.