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Mane and Tail Horse Conditioners (1 of 2) - TAIL & MANE CONDITIONER

Tail & Mane Conditioner
Strengthens and Moisturizes

Detangler and conditioner in one. Increases volume, moisturizes and creates a sensational shine.

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  16 oz.   $7.00   $5.25      
  32 oz.   $11.25   $8.50      
  1 Gal.   $33.75   $25.25      


The Benefits

  1. Recommended for horses whose tails and manes are groomed often.
  2. It maintains proper moisture balance within the hair shaft and prevents tail and mane from becoming brittle.
  3. Enhances manageability and ease of grooming, minimizing static electricity and banishing tangles.
  4. Can be diluted with water and sprayed on tail and made to rehydrate.

A shaggy mane can make the prettiest horse look like a nag. Clean the mane with Equine Shampoo and follow with Tail & Mane Conditioner. It not only untangles and conditions, it also prevents hair from becoming dry and brittle.

Horse Shampoo Grooming Tips using Rio Vista's Tail & Mane Conditioner

About this horse grooming supply: Contains Hydrolyzed Keratin Protein, Panthenol and Wheat Germ Oil. pH balanced. Available in 16, 32 oz and gallon sizes.



What people are saying about Rio Vista Tail & Mane.

Dear Rio Vista:
Recently I purchased your Tail & Mane Deconditioner and Detangler. I've tried dozens of conditioners and sprays to keep the hair on my horse, Bandit, free of tangles but it's been useless. I tried your product when we had a weather change which prevented me from using anything else on him, since it was too cold. I am still amazed at the softness and smoothness of his tail! I have everyone at the barn ordering your product now. To be perfectly honest, I never tried your product before because I thought it was too cheap and figured it wouldn't work. I just want to let you know what a wonderful product you have and that I am now a steady and loyal customer. Thanks again.
Jaki Molin and Bandit
South Gate Michigan

Dear Rio Vista:
I am writing concerning your product, Rio Vista Mane & Tail. Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to run into a family that boards at my nearby barn. They were kind enough to let me try your product. It is wonderful and is now on my list to pick up for future use. I have used similar products in the past, but did not get adequate results. I will be using Rio Vista from now on and may look into other products offered through your company.
Kathy Roemmel

Dear Rio Vista,
I have an appaloosa gelding, named Shadow. I have used other horse shampoos on him and nothing has made him shine like Rio Vista. I like your products. My horse has soft and shiny hair thanks to Rio Vista. I use the Tail & Mane Conditioner on Shadow and his mane and tail feels baby skin soft. Shadow has a thick winter coat this year as he did last year thanks to Rio Vista. I learned in one of my magazines that a certain percentage of every Rio Vista purchase goes into a fund for abused and abandoned horses. I like the idea that when I am buying things to help my horse, I am also helping other horses at the same time. Rio Vista is a great product to have and I recommend it to anyone. I just want to say that I like your product and I hope you all continue to produce it.
Andrea Lizenbee
Advance, MO

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