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Horse Gifts for Horse Lovers (8 of 11) - Leather Goods


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Product Photo Description Price/Qty

Hand Woven Girth Strap

Star Motif

Length: 3 ½ feet ; Width:  6¼ inches


Horseshoe Keychain

Woven Leather Handle and Brass Horseshoe

Length: 5 ¼ inches


Stirrup Keychain

Woven Leather Handle and Metal Stirrup

Length: 3 ½ inches


Braided Leather Stirrup Keychain

Length: 5 ½ inches


Braided Leather Keychain

Cow Strap Motif

Length: 7 inches


Hand Braided Rawhide Reata (4)

Made in Argentina

A long rope of braided rawhide made specifically for rope spinning. The rope has a loop "or eye" attached at one end through which the other end runs.
This Reata features a 4 plait braid and is 38 feet long


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