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Horse Supplements & Vitamins (1 of 5) - EZ~TRAVEL

For Use During Periods of Stress

Quad-Action nutritional horse supplement is ideal for travel or stressful situations. Provides electrolytic minerals, microbials, easily digested caloric nutrients and essential fatty acids.

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Quad-Action; All-in-one feed supplement for good horse nutrition. Ideal for use during trailering or any stressful situation. Nutritional source of electrolytic minerals. Magnesium is chelated for time release. Direct fed microbials aid the horse's own digestive system. Increases the population of healthy intestinal bacteria. Helps reduce the risk of intestinal upset. Essential Fatty Acids help dry skin conditions and improve coat luster. Delivers easily digested caloric nutrients. Contains the calming mineral magnesium and other electrolytes. Safe for foals, adults and senior horses. Available in 30 gram single dose tubes

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