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Horse Muscle Soreness, Stiffness, & Pain Relief (2of3) - MENTHOL LINIMENT

Menthol Liniment
Wholesale Horse Liniment

Barn Manager's wholesale horse grooming supplies were formulated with the professional in mind. Each product is packaged for professional bulk use, is economically priced and is formulated with quality ingredients.

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1 Gal.



Treat your hard working horses to a cool and soothing treatment with our Menthol liniment. Its gentle formula never burns or blisters, because it doesn't contain harsh chemicals like lye or ammonia. You can wrap right over the liniment. Great for trailering and transport.
Treatment: Simply apply ample amount of liniment to sore muscles and tendons. Wrap if desired.
Cool Down: Mix approximately 2-4 ounces with warm water. (dilute the liniment with a small amount of water and then add more.) Sponge mixture over back, shoulder, hip, chest, and legs.

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