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Horse Hoof Care (1 of 3) - HOOF MANICURE

Hoof Manicure
Natural Moisturizing Cream

Improves strength and promotes healthy hooves, enhances hoof pliability, penetrates hooves easily with no greasy residue. Prevents porosity, chips and dryness.

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  2 oz. jar   $4.00   $3.00      
  18 oz. pump   $12.00   $9.00      


The Benefits

  1. Hoof Manicure enhances hoof pliability, improves strength and helps to guard against cracks.
  2. Promotes healing, reduces quarter cracks, chips, porosity and dryness.
  3. Penetrates hooves easily with no greasy residue.
  4. Excellent for your hands and feet too! It strengthens nails and soothes rough skin.
  5. Formulated with natural humectants.

Very dry or wet weather can lead to cracks and lost shoes on the trail. Use Hoof Manicure to enhance hoof pliability and condition from the coronet band down.

Click Here for Horse Grooming Tips using Rio Vista's Hoof Manicure

About this horse grooming supply: Contains Alpha Hydroxy Acid, Panthenol, Apricot Kernel Oil, Lecithin, Glyceryl Sterate, Sunflower Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil and Sorbic Acid. Available in a 2 oz jar, 8 oz and 18 oz. pump size, and 1 liter refill.



What people are saying about Rio Vista Hoof Manicure.

Dear Rio Vista:
Hi, my name is Stephanie Howard. I'm 16 years old. Every winter I get dry skin on my hands. I could never find any product that would work. I looked everywhere. Then, one day, I saw your product called Rio Vista Hoof Manicure. My parents own an Agway store (Salt Point Tpke, Clinton Corners, New York) and sell your product. Believe it or not, the Hoof Manicure was the only thing I've ever used that actually worked. It keeps my hands smooth all day long. I just wanted to tell you how great your product works on people. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Dear Rio Vista:
My mother's thumb nails died and fell off. The doctor gave her medicines and creams. She has been fighting this for two years. In May, I gave her a container of your Hoof Manicure. I thought, what does she have to lose. Well, one of her nails seems to be growing back and the other seems to be improving too. Just thought you'd like to know, we all may have a little horse inside.

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