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Horse Care & Grooming Tips (3 of 15) - Braiding Your Horse's Mane / Dressage



The fine art of braiding the mane.
To braid the mane for Dressage, follow these directions.

1. Start with a three-strand braid, wrapping right over center.

2. Continue by crossing left over center.

3. Continue to ends of hair.

4. To secure the end of the braid, place folded string behind the braid.

5. Wrap the string around the braid and through the loop at the fold in string.

6. Lace the string through the top of the braid and fold the braid in half.

7. Separate the ends of the string that you pulled through the top of the braid.

8. Encircle the top of the braid with thread.

9. Secure with a square knot.

10. Spray with Equine-Shine to hold the braid

To learn how to prepare the mane for braiding, click here.

To learn about mane styles for different horse breeds, click here.

Obtained through Rio Vista Products Website

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