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Horse Grooming Supplies & Horse Care Products

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Horse Shampoos
 • Equine Shampoo - Concentrated horse shampoo formula helps control bacteria and fungus.
 • Herb 'n Oats Shampoo - Especially for horses with itchy, sensitive skin.
 • Peppermint Shampoo Concentrate - Bulk concentrated horse shampoo.
 • Herbal Shampoo w/ Oatmeal - Bulk concentrated horse shampoo.
Color Enhancing Shampoos
 • Hi-Ho Silver - Excellent for enhancing gray, white and black coats. Brightens white markings.
 • Ravishing Red - Enhances warm, red tones.
 • Golden Palomino - Enriches golden tones.
 • Sorrel Chestnut - Brightens the natural reddish-gold highlights.
 • Hi-Black Burgundy - Adds burgundy highlights to dark coats.

Whitening Brightening Shampoo - Bulk color and contrast enhancing horse shampoo.

Horse Hoof Care Products
 • Hoof Manicure - Natural moisturizing cream.
 • Hoof Stix Dressing - A clean and simple way to do hoof dressing.
 • Hoof Pick - Remove foreign objects from your horse's hoof.
Mane and Tail Horse Conditioners
 • Tail & Mane Conditioner - Strengthens and moisturizes.
 • Cream Conditioner - Bulk horse conditioner.
Horse Skin Problems
 • Coat-So-Soft - soothes the skin.
Wholesale Horse Grooming Supplies
 • Barn Manager - Wholesale equine grooming supplies in gallon sizes
Horse Coat Polish (silicone free)
 • Equine Shine - Slip-free show coat polish, detangler and dust repellant.
 • Groom & Shine - Bulk horse coat polish.
Horse Gifts for Horse Lovers
 • Musk Oil Perfume - Light and clean, nothing else smells as good.
 • Cowgirl Clothing & Apparel - trendy, high quality Cowgirl Tough apparel.
 • Cool Pad Saddle Blankets- Top quality wool saddle blanket w/ designer belt.
 • Leather Goods- Quality gifts such as leather keychains, girth straps, braided rawhide reata, etc.
 • Horse Backpack- Cute backpacks in the shape of a horse.
 • Horse Pens - Plush ink horse pens.
 • The Horses We've Known - An amazing horse book with a lesson for all of us.
 • Horse Treats - Healthy delicious treats for your horse!
 • Dressage - The equestrian's secret to beautiful nails, skin and hair.
 • Chicken Soup for the Horse Lover's Soul - Inspirational stories about horses & the people who love them
 • Richard Shrake Grooming Kit - Contains many of our horse grooming supplies in an attractive case.
Natural Feed Horse Supplements & Vitamins
 • EZ~Travel Horse Supplements - For use during periods of stress.
 • ENERGPlus Horse Vitamins - Concentrated horse nutrition.
 • Pollen Nutrient - Helps the coat, digestion & training.
 • Coat Nutrient - Restores coat in 30 days.
 • Hoof Nutrient - Strengthens hoof walls & soles
Muscle Soreness, Stiffness, & Pain Relief
 • Cool-Blue Liniment - A cooling, soothing rubdown with herbal pain relief
 • Menthol Liniment - Bulk horse liniment.
 • Vetrolin Liniment - Relieves soreness, stiffness and inflammation.
Horse Grooming Equipment & Tools
 • The WashWand - Wash & shed water in one easy motion
 • Decker Horse Brush - Union fiber horse brush #96.
 • Natural Sponge - All natural sponge
 • Grooming Stone - Removes dirt, hair, & bottfly eggs.
 • Horse Wash System - High performance wash system.
 • Horse First Aid Kit - Serious horse first aid.

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