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Mane and Tail Horse Conditioners (2 of 2) -  CREAM CONDITIONER

Barn Manager - Cream Horse Conditioner

Cream Conditioner
Protein Horse Conditioner Treatment

Barn Manager's wholesale horse grooming supplies were formulated with the professional in mind. Each product is packaged for professional bulk use, is economically priced and is formulated with quality ingredients.

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1 Gal.



Treatment: Keep mane and tails looking their best with this protein conditioner treatment. Shampoo mane and tail. Apply a small amount to palm of hand, rub hands together and distribute through tail and mane. Repeat until entire area is covered. Comb through and leave on for 3-5minutes and rinse. Brush or comb out hair.
For a deep conditioning treatment and to protect the tail, apply and ample amount of Cream Conditioner to damp tail and wrap in a plastic bag, fastened to the tail. A tail wrap may also be added. Leave on as long as possible, then rinse. Tail can be wrapped or braided to keep it in good condition.
Coat Treatment: To condition the coat, simply apply conditioner to a moist sponge and work conditioner over entire body. Leave on for 3-5 minutes and rinse.
Hydrating Spray: During hot weather, moisture is sapped from the hair and skin, especially the tail. To moisturize the skin and hair, simply mix 2 oz. of Cream Conditioner with distilled water in a sprayer bottle. Mist the tail, mane and coat to re-hydrate. When blended with distilled water, the mixture will keep for several weeks.
Braiding Lotion: To make braiding quick and easy, apply a small amount to palm, rub hands together and apply to moist hair. Proceed with braiding. To hold hair in place and prevent drying, mist with Hydrating formula.


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