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Horse Coat Polish (1 of 2) -  EQUINE SHINE

Equine Shine
Slip-Free Show Coat Polish

Gives your horse a healthy high-gloss shine without the slippery silicone. Never oily and safe around the saddle area. Creates a dirt and dust shield. Makes it easier to manage your horse's hair.

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  12 oz.   $6.75   $5.00      
  32 oz.   $12.25   $9.25      
  1 Gal.   $35.50   $26.25      


The Benefits

  1. Equine-Shine gives you the high-gloss shine that catches the judge's eye.
  2. It doesn't contain silicone, so you can spray it on the saddle area and never have to worry about your saddle slipping.
  3. It creates a dust shield to keep your horse looking great between washings and that saves you grooming time.
  4. Use it when you're cleaning and untangling the mane and tail. It makes it easier to manage the horse's hair.
  5. Spray Equine-Shine on the finished horse braid to help hold it in place.


Unique formula is an alternative to silicone-based hair polishes. Gives a soft, healthy, high gloss shine that's never oily. Conditions and detangles for easy daily grooming. Repels dirt and dust while preventing stains. Makes clipping fast and easy without residue. Non-slippery formula is safe around the saddle area. Replaces vital oils in the horse's coat. Brings out the natural highlights with a blend of Jasmine, Sesame and Chamomile Oils.

Don't spray that silicone stuff on your horse. Instead, use Rio Vista Equine-Shine. It contains no silicone and you can safely spray it on your whole horse, even on the saddle area. It creates a dust shield to keep your horse looking great for the next event. Next time you want to catch the judge's eye use Equine-Shine.

About this horse grooming product: blend of Jasmine, Sesame and Chamomile Oils. Available in 16 oz, 32 oz and one gallon sizes.



What people are saying about Equine Shine.

"I have to say that your Equine Shine is a great product! I am very pleased with its all around performance! This product will always be in my tack room!"
Mark Armstrong, Fort Worth, TX

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