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Horse Care & Grooming Tips (8 of 15) - Shoulder Lameness



Shoulder Lameness

Dear Dr. Pankau,
My horse pulled something in his shoulder area and I wanted to know what would be good for me to put on it even though there is no swelling.


Dear Unknown,
Shoulder lameness looks almost identical to hoof lameness visually. If I do not see any swelling, I examine the foot thoroughly for any problems. Once the foot problem is corrected, you will see the "shoulder lameness" disappear. However, if it truly is a shoulder lameness (have your vet check this out) then I might try the following.
1. Complete rest or confinement for 30 days
2. Anti-inflammatory orally for 10 days (Butazolidin)
3. Have a chiropractor look at him and possibly adjust him
4. Do some stretching exercises on his shoulder and neck (use a carrot)

Obtained through Rio Vista Products Website

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