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Horse Care & Grooming Tips (7 of 15) - Horse Cribbing Problems



Cribbing Problems

Dear Dr. Pankau,
How can I keep my pony from cribbing on the wood fence? I have tried bitter apples, she likes it. I am a new 4-H member and love my pony very much. Thank you very much for your time and I hope you can help me.
Muriah Musser, 12 years old

Cribbing is considered a vice and can threaten your horse's health. There are several things you might try to minimize or eliminate cribbing.
1. Move your pony to a large pasture or pen.
2. Put your pony in with another horse in a large pasture or pen (keeps him company)
3. Exercise your pony more so he is less bored.
4. Apply creosote or similar products to the fence if available in your state.
5. Replace wood fencing with pipe fencing
6. String new wire above the fence boards to prevent access.
7. String a hot wire (electric) over the fence area in question.

Hope this helps and good luck.

Obtained through Rio Vista Products Website

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