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Horse Care & Grooming Tips (5 of 15) - Horse Hoof Care



Give your horse a solid foundation.
Inspect his hooves frequently.
There's an old cowboy saying "no hooves, no horse." If old paint doesn't have a solid foundation you'll be the one who walks the trail. To make sure your horse's hooves are healthy, pick up his feet regularly and inspect them. If your horse has been standing in mud or water it can lead to cracked hooves.
Check for loose clinches. that's the firs sign of a shoe about to pull. Call your farrier to reset the nail. Watch for hairline cracks.If they spread up to the coronet band, they can seriously compromise the hoof's integrity. Get rid of unsightly slough around the coronet band. It's a sign of dryness. Apply our Hoof Care Manicure and massage into the hairline.
Many horse owners have also discovered a secondary benefit of Hoof Manicure. It strengthens and promotes growth of your nails and softens rough spots anywhere on your body. It also helps relieve itching and has a great fragrance. So keep one in the house. For more information click here.

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