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Horse Care & Grooming Tips (11 of 15) - Horse Trailering & Travel



Make travel easier on your horse and you.
Follow these tips and the two of you will arrive in better shape.
1. Train your horse to load in the trailer before the morning of the big event.
2. Bring along water and feed that your horse is accustomed to.
3. Wash your horse with Equine Shampoo before you leave. It helps reduce bacteria growth and defends against local fungi.
4. Travel can upset your horse's digestive system, and lead to colic. EZ-Travel horse supplements, with its natural ingredients, helps calm your horse for the ride.
5. Travel can debilitate your horse physically. EnerGPlus horse vitamins give him the extra boost to make a difference. This feed supplement has easily assimilated vegetable oil, microbials, Vitamin E and electrolytes to get him performing his best.

When the event is over, your horse's legs can be sore and achy. Apply Cool-Blue Horse Liniment.
You can apply it under the horse's leg wraps, to alleviate aches and stiffness.
Then it's a comfortable ride home for you and your horse.

Obtained through Rio Vista Products Website

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