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Discuss Why you shouldn't play with your horse that way at the Horse Chat forum - Horse Forums.

Originally Posted by sheree horses play like that in a herd a horse isnt going ...
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    Nov 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by sheree View Post
    horses play like that in a herd a horse isnt going treat u any different if u encourage the game, painful consequences esp with a stallion, he was "boss" of that game and he won
    Which is why you don't play with your horse.

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    Feb 2013
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    i dont play any games with miover, he'd rather be in the corner snoozing then play with me LOL
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    “When your horse is at his worst, you must be at your best. Don’t panic together.”
    Hans Senn

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    I did something with Roanie a year or 2 ago with no halter (not like this at ALL, like yielding hindquarters and little bit or trotting) and she ended up kicking me perfectly in the middle of my stomach, even left a perfect mud hoof print on my hoodie. I was really lucky and never did it again, lesson learned!
    My mare? Chunky, yet funky

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    Mar 2013
    ugh I remember seeing that video and watching it just made me very uncomfortable! I hope the girl is okay and I fear for people out there that try to "play" with their horse like this...horses are NOT dogs!! :/

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    Oct 2010
    I play with my pony at liberty all the time and don't see the problem with it, as long as you do it safely. He knows that he is getting rewarded for staying at my shoulder and nothing else and he really likes trying to keep up with my change of directions/gaits. He doesn't throw his head around like the horse in the video, he never kicks/bites or shows any sign of aggression, he is respectful of my space and I always carry a whip/rope.

    Sure, what the girl in the video did was stupid, but I often see people doing everyday things with horses that I'd consider much more dangerous that when I'm playing with my pony.
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    The thing I don't get is why did she go to the outside of the horse to be trapped between the horse and the fence? She would have no place to go with that! I've free lunged my guy and I ALWAYS watch for a way out and he cannot get near me. She was SO uncomfortably close to him so many times that I'm not surprised this happened.

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    Nov 2012
    And all the debris in the yard... and another horse running around loose? How many bad decisions can you make in one video?

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    May 2010
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    This video is NOT an example of a horse working at liberty.

    When you work a horse at liberty you have to have him hooked onto you completely, have total control. This girl had very little control, the horse was not hooked onto her and that is evident in that she ALLOWED the horse to run past her. The horse was looking at her as if she were a vending machine. He had to do "tricks" to get a treat but he would have liked to just mug her for the treats because he had no respect for her, just wanted to eat. If he had truely been in her control, he would have stayed at her shoulder, (she would have known to have a training stick with her and not let him run past), kept a respectable distance at all times, had a nice look on his face and never would have kicked her.

    [QUOTE=Outrider;7441522]In this day and age we have WAY too many people, WAY too sensitive about WAY too many things and taking something that only deserves a "ho hum" response as a slight against themselves personally. [/QUOTE]

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    Feb 2013
    West. Washington
    The stuff in the yard... the other horse? The horses body language? Clearly not respecting her at all; I hope she was OK but I have to admit, she learned her lesson the hard way.

    I think liberty is fine. IF you have a safe place(a round pen) with no other horses and no junk. IF your horse is calm. IF your horse is totally respectful. IF your horse is HAPPY and WILLING to be there. But NOT the way she was doing it. That was asking for disaster.

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    Oct 2008
    On My Horse, Minnesota
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    oouuuuuch. I hope she's okay.

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