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Discuss Whole vs. Crimped oats at the Horse Health forum - Horse Forums.

What do you prefer and why...whole oats or crimped? Is there a downside to each?...
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    Senior Member+ painthorses711's Avatar
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    Feb 2006
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    Question Whole vs. Crimped oats

    What do you prefer and why...whole oats or crimped? Is there a downside to each?
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    Feb 2005
    I perfer no oats...but aside from that....
    There is a down side to both. Whole oats are more difficult to digest/extract nutrients from. Crimped or otherwise processed oats are easier to digest, but have lost some of the nutrients from being "opened".

    Grains and seeds are like little self-contained packages of nutrients. They even have their own preservatives. However, once the shells/hulls are crushed, cooked or opened...nutrient loss is fairly rapid.

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    Aug 2008

    Whole Oats

    I use triple cleaned whole oats mixed with my regular horse feed. They are one of the best feeds that you can feed your horse. Read some of the website information from universities regarding oats and their value to horses. Horses that have regular teeth checkups and have no problems chewing will have no problems with the whole oats and it encourages them to chew their food also increasing saliva while chewing. Digestion of whole has never been a problem in my barn. - I will not feed any type of oat that has been crimped, rolled, crushed etc. as they lose their nutrient value from that point and you never know just how much they have lost up until the time you purchase them. Whole oats do not lose their nutrients. My horses love them.

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    Jul 2004
    Another whole oats fan here. My TWH mare loves them and gets her pelleted fat supplement mixed with whole oats. She looks great and has a great attitude overall
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    Mar 2009
    Covington, GA
    I'm not feeding oats at the moment but when I did, we bought them cleaned and whole. Several nutritionists have stated to me that there is only about a 10% difference in the increased digestibility of crimped or rolled oats over whole oats which doesn't justify the cost difference in my neck of the woods. I could get 75lbs of whole oats from a local private supplier for $8.00 and at the feed store a 50lb bag ran about $10.50 to $11.50 so that was quite a bit of difference.
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    Nov 2009
    I do not feed oats at the moment either. Crimped oats are better but only if they are crimped just prior to feeding. The barn where I used to board had a crimper and they crimped them twice a day.
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