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Discuss Who makes your show chaps?? at the Equestrian Events, Shows, Competitions forum - Horse Forums.

I get my show chaps and my outfits from Winning Stitches ....
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    I get my show chaps and my outfits from Winning Stitches.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Red roan rider1 View Post
    I ordered custom smoothie chaps from Nancy and you were right Jen....they turned out FABULOUS and fit great. Nancy was a pleasure to work with and was VERY reasonable and QUICK!! I highly recommend her to anyone wanting quality chaps at a bargain price!!

    I know...Nancy is awesome. She's like the best kept secret...LOL.

    Jennifer....The ORIGINAL Monkey Butt
    "My kingdom for a horse."
    A Bit Impulsive, AQHA Superior WP & World Show Qualifier
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