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Discuss Where do you buy vaccinations? at the Horse Health forum - Horse Forums.

I'm a 'do it yourself' vaccinator.. I give shots, so there's no need to have ...
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    Where do you buy vaccinations?

    I'm a 'do it yourself' vaccinator.. I give shots, so there's no need to have my vet come out and do it for me.

    Since I've moved, I'm still searching for a vet that I am happy with. The people who are boarding my horse showed me their vet bills from last year since I need to know what is common for vaccinations in this area.

    The vet charges more (and I mean just the cost of the vaccination) than I've seen before. It was cheaper in Canada, from what I remember. So I went online to look.. and sure enough, this guy is charging more than necessary. That said, I'd rather buy from an alternative location.

    Where do you get yours? Have you bought them online? Obviously I would only get my vaccinations from a well known distributor, but I'm having a hard time finding a place that has everything I need.

    I'm looking for:

    Eastern and Western
    West Nile

    And from what I can find I can purchase is FluVac Innovator 5 - has everything except West Nile.

    Or West Nile Innovator + EWT - has everything except for flu.

    But I can't find individuals for the the rest of whats needed, no matter which of those two I choose. Help!

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    I get all my vaccines but WNV from Jeffers Equine magazine. 1-800-533-3377 or www.jeffersequine.com I dont know if they ship rabies to where you are but you can ask. I just found out they sell WNV when they have it available for 200.00. This comes in a vial and can treat 10 horses(I think?)
    I get that from my vet for 22.00 a piece.
    Here is a price list for the vaccine you want with out the WNVThat is available through the vet only)
    Fluvac Innovator 5 has Equine Influenza(KY 97), Eastern and Western Encephalomyelitis(sleeping sickness), Rhinopneumonitis Vaccine(KV) and Tetanus Toxoid. A 1 dose syringe is 21.25
    Through Jeffers. If you order your vaccines through a equine catalog, do it before March. There is usually a back order because of everyone doing them in the spring. I get all mine in Feb. Cooler with ice is 3.00 extra and worth it. Spring time it is recommended over night with cooler and ice. Something happens along the way it is covered. Wont be with out cooler/ice/overnight in the spring.
    You can also go with Valley Vet Supply. I usually dont have good luck with them. Too much back order 1-800-356-1005 or www.valleyvet.com

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    I also get my vaccines from www.horsevaccines4less.com

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    I usually go through Valley Vet, as I get my cattle vaccines through there as well..

    The only thing I cant get is the dang Rabies..so I have to pay $22 a horse through my vet. I love my vets dearly, but when a 10 dose vial costs $20..makes me abit sick.

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    Our feed store sells them. The only vaccine we cannot buy is rabies. The ability to purchase vaccinations over the counter may be something that is affected by state laws/regulations so it will depend on where you live what you can buy. Jeffers equine online sells vaccinations but they are temperature sensitive so shipping methods are critical.

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    I have also had very good luck with Jeffers Equine.

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    I bought all of mine (except rabies) from Jeffers and was very happy. When I moved her, however, I started letting the vet give the vaccinations. Why? It was much easier getting her to come out for emergencies if I was a "regular" customer...

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