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Discuss What's your horses favorite food? And what's the craziest thing he has eaten? at the Horse Chat forum - Horse Forums.

Right, Bluey is my 30 yo, Grey Welsh Mountain Pony. His favorite foods are hard ...
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    Senior Member horsey_chick_44's Avatar
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    Dec 2005

    What's your horses favorite food? And what's the craziest thing he has eaten?

    Right, Bluey is my 30 yo, Grey Welsh Mountain Pony. His favorite foods are hard food ( gumnuts, equibix, milo mix etc...) Bananas ( with the skin on) and Pears. (Although Bluey eats anything available ( He used to eat the dog food ( dry food and the meat!) until we realized it was him eating it and not the dog!! Gee, when we found out, we got rid of it straight away!! It's bad for him!! It was a crack up though

    George is my 9 yo, Bay Thoroughbred. His favorite foods are hard food ( gumnuts, equibix, milo mix etc...) Nutella Sandwiches ( He really likes them!!) and carrots.

    Rebel is my 6 yo, Chestnut Quarter Horse.. He is just a plain old gorbo.. He loves hard foods, hay, grass, carrots, apples, lol... and everything his not supposed to have such as my CORN PLANT!! He ate the roots and everything. Wouldn't be surprised if there was a corn plant growing in side him right now!!

    Welp, now it's your turn!! What is your horses fav food? What is the craziest thing he/she has eaten?

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    Senior Member+
    madvoice's Avatar
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    May 2004
    Townsville, QLD - The Sunshine State!
    Pepper likes watermelon. She'll go crazy for it. She only eats the red flesh and leaves the rind behind.
    Sep 1997 - 15 Jan 2006 ~Fry Baby I'll Miss You~
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    Full Member schnerd0's Avatar
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    Dec 2005
    Central NY
    My mare Cutie will eat almost anything. Her oddest are bananas with the peel and oranges with the peel.

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    Senior Member+ Oh'When's Avatar
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    Dec 2005
    Owen eats anything but loves his oats.... he hasnt eaten anything weird yet ('cept for me), but one horse i used to ride loved peto bismo and another one liked melted orange freezies... not any other flavor...
    Quote Originally Posted by MuckMuck View Post
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    Senior Member+
    freedom32's Avatar
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    Jun 2004
    Capital of the Steeler Nation--PITTSBURGH
    Blog Entries
    Polly likes anything edible, she is a terrible beggar. Freedom is a little more selective, she loves peppermints.
    Our old pony was a sneaky one, she would eat ANYTHING. When we used to take her to the fair she would buddy up to people walking by to see the horses and steal their food, hot dogs, french fries, gyros.........
    Pittsburgh gals bleed black & gold
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    Senior Member+
    3WishesDun's Avatar
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    Nov 2004
    At My Wit's End
    Blog Entries
    They all will eat anything that's not nailed down or locked up....
    Jack loves strawberries...
    Bella's eyes get big when she sees I have a soda ( I only let her have a little taste once in a while off of my hand)
    Wish will sell his soul for watermelon
    and Doc is partial to oranges.
    Madness takes its toll.
    Please have exact change.

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    Senior Member+ Just_me's Avatar
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    Jul 2005
    europe-the wide wild world:-)
    My horse doesn`t get anything crazy because I don`t want him to get sick!!
    He loves apples and carrots though
    And my sisters horse loves corn oil,she always drinks it out of the hands.
    ,.:+`*The OnLy Place Where YoUr DreAms BecOme ImpoSsIble,Is In YoUr Own ThinKing*`+:.,

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    Senior Member+
    Quick2Skip01's Avatar
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    Jan 2006
    Hudsonville, MI
    Blog Entries
    I had a paint horse a few year back, that at shows, if I was eating he would try and steal it from me. One time we were at a little open show before my regular season started, and I was eating a grilled cheese sandwich, he grabbed it right out of my hand and ate the whole thing. He like to drink pop too, (I think it was the bubbles.) He liked M&M's too. My best friend has an Arabian that like's sour skittles... lol...My horse currently likes all the normal stuff, but he is a big fan of the french fries at the MSU Pavillion....


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    Full Member Horseshoe Girl's Avatar
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    Jan 2006
    barn (basically)
    Blog Entries
    my pony absolutly LOVES gatorade. She'll do anything for it. One time at a sow, someone was standing around with their open bottle of gatorade in their hands, and my pony just took it from them and gulped the whole thing down! It was really funny but i had to buy the person a new drink. lol. The wierdest thing she eats is balogny sandwiches. She's not supposed to eat them, but one time she snatched one out of some random person's hands. I didn't have to buy them a new sandwich though. hehe
    Horseback riding is a remedy for everything known to man.(as long as you don't fall off...again)

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    Banned UsaHrsRidr2000's Avatar
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    Dec 2005
    Aurora Colorado
    My horses favortie food is sweet feed, that has been in water for an hour, and mixed with Euipride, and applesause, its really sloppy...but he loves it

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