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Discuss What is a “Prophet’s Thumb Mark” ? at the Horse Chat forum - Horse Forums.

I believe that it is some sort of seperation in/of the muscle. The legend actually ...
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    I believe that it is some sort of seperation in/of the muscle.

    The legend actually is related to the Arabian breed of horse.....
    A birthmark in the form of an indentation, usually found on the side of a horse’s neck. It’s believed that a horse with suck a mark will be outstanding, as it is allegedly a descendant of one of the five brood mares that the Prophet Mohammed particularly treasured and marked with his own thumbprint.
    A widespread belief tells of how any horse that has a groove in its neck is to be treasured and treated with great respect as it believed to come from a the line of horses that belonged to the Prophet Mahomet. If you can place your thumb gently into the groove on the neck, which is known as the 'Prophet's Thumb Print', then the horse is allegedly connected to one of the five brood mares that Mahomet owned, and therefore sacred.
    The five mares of Mohammed

    by Ilil Arbel, Ph.D.

    The hot desert wind blew against the tent, driving the dust inside. Fatima walked softly in, carrying an earthenware jug full of cold water, and handed it to the Prophet. "Please, stop tormenting yourself, Mohammed," she said, "drink some water!"

    "I will drink when the test is over, and the horses can drink, too. I cannot drink knowing they are thirsty," said the Prophet to his daughter.

    "I do not understand this test, nor do I like it," said Fatima angrily. "Depriving the horses from drinking for three full days is cruel. I cannot believe you would do it, a man who loves animals better than himself!"

    "I must. Allah commanded me -- would you have me disobey God? The spread of Islam depends greatly on the loyalty and strength of our horses. The best of these horses, said Allah, will be honored till the end of time... But it is the evening of the third day now, so let us go to the horses and conduct the test."

    He took a horn that hung at the tent’s entrance, and walked toward an enclosure where about a hundred horses were confined, a little distance from the water hole of the oasis. The horses looked reproachfully at their beloved master as he quickly opened the gate. Tormented by thirst, the horses galloped to the water hole, but before they could reach it, Mohammed raised the horn to his lips and sounded the call for war.

    The horses ignored it. They were so thirsty that perhaps they couldn’t even hear it, and went on galloping toward the water. But not all of them. Five mares stopped. Without hesitation, they turned around and returned to Mohammed, ready to do whatever was required of them.

    The Prophet stroked their silky manes, tears in his eyes. He led them to the water and envisioned the glorious future as they drank. He knew that these mares would foal the finest of Arab horses, the only horses of pure blood, the horses that would help bring Islam to every corner of the Earth.
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    Thankyou so much for the picture , now I know exactly what they look like too ... HGS members are a mine of information !!!

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    What a great story ... thankyou

    My curiosity is well & truly satisfied thanks to you all.

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    I've never heard it called that, just a "thumb print". As far as I know, it's a little dent in the neck caused by the knees pressing against the neck while in the womb. I'm not positive though, that's what I think somebody told me it was a LONG time ago.
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    My mare has one on her neck. Just something she was born with, not really sure why they occur. Muscle Atrophy<--sp? maybe?

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    Interesting stuff! One of my geldings has a dent on the front point of his shoulder. Not sure why HAHA
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    Scotch had one on his neck. I had no idea what it was though, lol.

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    My mare has one on her neck, and one on her chest... I'll try and get pictures sometime but she's hairy :P

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    Well, Allah hit Buddy with a plunger then, lol! Check out that lump on his bum--it's something permanent, we think where he got kicked a long time ago. Does that mean he's a reject?
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    Dancer, Now THAT is funny!

    I've always heard that if your horse has one he's a good jumper... I've never really put it to the test though...
    In my experience, the best way to slow down a runaway horse is to bet on it...

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