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Discuss what is a hormone injection? at the Horse Health forum - Horse Forums.

Can any one tell me what a hormone injection will do for my horse? She ...
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    Mar 2007
    victoria, australia

    what is a hormone injection?

    Can any one tell me what a hormone injection will do for my horse? She is a filly and i believe there is one made for fillies and mares. any thing you can tell me would be great.

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    Hormone injections are often used to assist with weight gain and healing.

    I don't know about different injections for different genders. The only horses I've ever had knowledge of with hormone injections are geldings.

    Why are you interested in hormone injections? What they can do for you depends on why you want them.

    People I know got a new horse from interstate. He lost weight during the multiple days it took for him to travel with a transport company. They weren't content to give him time to naturally recover and gain weight, instead they used hormone injections to beef him up and to get him looking good for the shows. As a result, the quiet gelding turned into a raging stallion, becoming quite feral and dangerous. His rider, a 13 year old girl who's had horses her whole life, became so frightened of him (not that's it's hard to make her frightened of a horse, sorry to say) that she couldn't even be lead around on him.

    *I* got a new horse (gelding) from interstate. He lost weight in transit, not ideal but understandable. He was also severely INJURED and we thought he might have to be put down. After a couple of months, when he was well enough to turn out into a paddock to finish his healing, our vet offered us a hormone injection because it would be beneficial speed/increase the healing process. However, as it would also turn him 'bully' and make him think he's more than he is, and as the next door paddock had a mare, and he would be with the wussiest gelding alive, we declined.

    Another person I know has a horse that is underweight. Speculation, which fits all the facts and the same story has come from multiple sources, is that after nothing seemed to be working, they went to hormone injections...except they wanted to speed the process up, and gave more than the recommended dosage. Long story short, horse terribly sick, almost died, turned feral, now turned out and for sale.

    HEH...not to sound like a pessimist

    All I can do to help you is relay what I know about hormone injections (I am very very sus of them unless extremely needed and then following vet advice to the dot and being aware of the side affects) and hope this bumps the thread up so someone with more knowledge can help you

    The journey to greatness starts not with a step...
    but a helping hand.

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    Mar 2007
    victoria, australia

    hormone shot

    Thankyou for your info, I think i should explain a little more about my situation. My filly is a standardbred race horse, She has always been a little to under weight and last week she lost more weight, We had her teeth done a few weeks ago and wormed twice with in a few weeks on vets advice, had her bloods done and two vets gone over her body. We even put her on equi-jewel to help, but as she is a race horse we need her to be feeling good. The vet said she is what they call a greyhound figure, and than suggested that she be given a hormone shot which is made for fillies as it doesn't swab and it would help her condition and coat even though her coat is great just to help her put some weight on and feel good.
    i'm think i'm just wondering if it will help her performance, Thanks for your advice i will keep an eye on how excited she might get.

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    Jan 2007
    Hormone or steroid shots like Winstrol or Equipoise can be given to stimulate a horses appetite. A well known side effect can be aggresivness though, so look for signs. We used a mixture of very low doses given twice a week which really seemed to help are hard keepers. I'll have to get the dosage from my husband, he was the one that "made" up the concoction, (sp). Our vet loved the results and their was no change in the tempermant of the horses.

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