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Discuss What causes sway-back? at the Horse Health forum - Horse Forums.

Question above ^. ????...
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    Question What causes sway-back?

    Question above ^. ????

    Lindy2005 AQHA Mare

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    Jan 2006
    genetics certainly play a given part, and i believe that, early on in a horse's training (too early maybe, before the spine has fused), if they are ridden too often, rushed through training and with more than enough weight too early and too often, these factours can all contribute to setting a horse up for a swayback later in life. i am sure way of going, and career of the horse after teh fact can play a part as well. i know that how correctly we lift things or use our backs as young folks can determine how much back pain we experience down the road. i am sure there are other theories.

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    i have heard lots of people say it si because of old age or too much riding but I'm not sure if its true.
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    I learned some of it can be from not excersising them enough. The stomach muscles hold up the back when they are strong, and when they go weak the back sags.
    God forbid that I should go to any heaven in which there are no horses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryle
    I just read an article written by a vet and he said that there is really no such thing as a swayback horse that it is called lordosis and a horse will get it in varying degrees so I would check out this article posted by Ryle.

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    All of the above can contribute, another factor is a horse that is ridden constantly without collection. That's why a lot of trail horses get sway-back when they age, they're never collected because it's really not a big issue for them or their riders. Ever notice how show horses, no matter their age, are rarely sway-backed?
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    i personally think most of it is down to breeding

    an alot of it can also be down to a horse having to carry tomuch weight than it should
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    I know that a lot of brood mares get sway backed from carrying foals.
    So many horses, so little time and money.

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    There are many causes of a sway back. 1, they were riden to much, to early, and 2, The were riden with a hollow back.
    RIP Shelby<3 04/19/03-12/10/10

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