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Discuss Ways To Cook Steak Other Than Grill? at the Off Topic forum - Other Topics.

Anyone wanna share their ways of cooking steaks other than grilling? I bought a really ...
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    May 2005

    Ways To Cook Steak Other Than Grill?

    Anyone wanna share their ways of cooking steaks other than grilling? I bought a really nice top sirloin, but unfortunately the grill didn't survive the storm

    So, long story short, pretty clueless on how to cook this baby. I know I can broil it or pan cook it...but how?
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    Senior Member Cat Ballou's Avatar
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    I like to cut up and stir fry mine with a little olive oil sometimes, then add some bell peppers onions and seasonings!
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    Feb 2011
    subbing.. when I've tried to cook it, it always ends up tough so I'm clueless!
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    Senior Member txcowgrly's Avatar
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    bake them on a bed of onions and pour a can of cream of mushroom over them. YUM.
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    I like pan cooking. Pat the meat dry and season it. Heat some oil in a pan (I like to use refined coconut oil). At this point, the pan should be on high--you want to sear the meat on both sides. After the meat is seared on both sides, turn the heat down to low. You can cover to the pan, but make sure the steam can escape. How long it takes depends on how thick your cut is.

    After searing, you can also pour some broth in the pan and let the meat cook in that. It's really good for thick cuts, and makes the meat very tender.
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    Steak turns out great like this! That's how I cook them in the winter when there is no way I am going outside to the BBQ. LOL! I only sear mine for like 30 seconds - 1 minute on each side before popping them in though. 4 minutes is waaay too long.
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    You can also broil it if your oven has a broiler...thats pretty yum. I couldn't give you specifics on how to cook it in a broiler I just always guess haha. I poke it to determine how done it is....I prefer meat on the rarer side so if its still squishy its rarer. You dont have to flip it because the pan acts as a cooking surface as well as the broiler part ha...sorry so helpful.
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    I do steak that same way now, sear it on both sides and finish it in the oven. Comes out great.

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    Senior Member+ Kamara's Avatar
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    Oct 2009
    So Cal
    Broiling is good but I usually just pan fry with butter.

    Broiling cooks it fast so keep an eye on your steak until you become accustomed to cooking with a broiler.

    Just use enough butter to coat the pan, you do not want to be steaming the steak.
    Especially a nice piece of sirloin. YUCK!!!!!!!!!
    That **** is for roasts in slow cookers. You do not steam a good piece of meat. GAG!

    I like my meat bloody (and even raw), so its usually a really good sear and let it sit for 2-3 minutes on each side (depends on the thickness of your meat as how long to cook it on each side)
    Once its in the pan, don't move it around until you flip it.

    A really thick piece like 1 1/2 inches - 2 inches, I might let cook for 4 minutes on each side but usually about 3 min.
    Again this is for really rare meat, so add time if you want it more done.

    Personally I cannot eat beef that is even medium rare, I find it disgusting.

    And well done beef - I refuse to eat it, unless I'm absolutely starving.
    Like looking at the dog funny, starving.

    The more you cook this way, the easier it is for you to just eye a steak and know how long to cook it.

    Let a steak (make sure its still covered) sit out for about 45 min. to 1 hr, before you cook, it will actually be better for the meat.
    You want the the meat at room temperature if possible.
    I usually just let it sit in the microwave in a ziplock bag, so the dogs do not grab it.

    Do not salt the steak until right before you cook it.
    Salt actually draws moisture out of meat.
    Sea salt tastes wonderful on steaks- you can use the small or large granules.

    Sirloin, Skirt steak, New York strips (boneless), Flank steak (drool) all do well with pan cooking.

    Porterhouse, Filet Mignon, Rib Eyes and T-bones do very well in the broiler if you have one - you can pan fry them too but I really recommend broiling these if you can.

    Please nobody say they eat Filet Mignon well done - I may have to jump off a bridge - its sacrilegious to eat that particular cut of meat well done.

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    Senior Member Giggles's Avatar
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    Apr 2010
    Not to argue with you Penelle but salt will only draw moisture out if the steak is left to sit (for example if you seasoned it and let sit for 30 min, then yes, it would draw out moisture). If seasoned immediately before cooking I don't think it would be an issue. Not seasoning before cooking would just lead to a bland steak. If you are concerned with the salt drawing out moisture, just blot the meat dry before cooking.
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