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Discuss Washing Wand?? which one do you prefer?? at the Horse Grooming forum - Horse Forums.

I am in the market for some type of washing wand or something like that. ...
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    Senior Member karend1205's Avatar
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    Aug 2007

    Washing Wand?? which one do you prefer??

    I am in the market for some type of washing wand or something like that. What do you use and what do you like or dislike about it?? I am not looking for any type of HOT wash or anything real expensive like that. Just the simple kind.

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    Full Member luvtodrive's Avatar
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    Jun 2005
    This one is awesome! The best thing I have ever gotten for washing horses! It saves time and does a great job.


    It will comb away the mounds of dirt on your horse. I have a pinto and don't like to wash him too much. This does a good job of rinsing and not taking all the oil out of his coat. Works well when I do wash him too. It gets all the soap residue out.

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    Jun 2005
    Novi, Michigan
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    I use this thing


    it's fast, easy and efficient.

    It isn't the cheapest option out there, but I really feel that it's worth it. No scrubbing and I don't get hose water running down my arm.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ektWyXSK8ho"]YouTube - eZall, Spray On Rinse Off[/ame]
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