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Discuss Wanted: Clinton Northrop saddle at the Tack & Equipment forum - Horse Forums.

Does anyone have a Clinton Northrop saddle, close contact, either 16.5 or 17? I had ...
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    Feb 2010

    Wanted: Clinton Northrop saddle

    Does anyone have a Clinton Northrop saddle, close contact, either 16.5 or 17? I had mine stolen in a recent move and I am just devistated. It was my first saddle and I would love to replace it. Please contact me here or tarav@ptd.net. Thank you!

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    Jan 2012

    Clinton Northrop Saddle

    Hello! I have a 16.5" Clinton Northrop Close Contact saddle with a medium tree, light brown seat, black flaps, havana underside, brand new stirrup irons, brand new stirrup leathers, and a 46" Professionals Choice neoprene girth with elastic ends. I am looking to sell the set for $450. Please let me know if you are interested or want pictures on here or at shasha20055@hotmail.com.

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