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Discuss Unadilla NY Horse Auction at the Horse Chat forum - Horse Forums.

Hi! I'm going to my second horse auction this year in Unadilla, NY. Last week ...
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    Jun 2012
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    Unadilla NY Horse Auction

    Hi! I'm going to my second horse auction this year in Unadilla, NY. Last week a friend of mine went and rescued an OTTB. I've heard alot of things, though about that auction. Could anyone tell me a bit more about it? Horses they have bought there? etc?

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    Senior Member+ Chewie's Avatar
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    Jun 2011
    I have not been there since 2002, so this is probably way way old outdated information, yet the memory I have of being there will last me another decade easily.

    Unadilla is a typical kill-auction barn, with horses crammed into small pens, some are loose, and some are tied. I noticed the "loose" pen was definitely a kill pen. I recall a pair of flea bitten gray, nearly white horses, tied in the back right, past the loose pen, past the draft horses, way in the back corner. They were so sad and miserable looking, and had clearly been on a double decker. One had a huge laceration to its eye, the other had a horrible leg injury. They were thin and awful looking. I wanted to take them both home with me. It was hard to stay at that auction and watch skinny horses, a mare that had foaled on the trailer on the way to the auction, and all the other horses that were walked in or ridden around the sale pen. It was a dangerous place, as people were "trying out" horses in the aisle between the pens, and there's not exactly.... oh, ROOM, for a horse being ridden amongst the people looking through pens.

    Be sure to bring your "steel britches" so to speak, because you will see things that will rip your heart out.

    If you are looking for a "save" project, this is a place to go. But if you are looking something you can truly clean up, train up, ride/drive, and possibly resell, I would REALLY pass on bringing your wallet and your horse trailer to Unadilla. Many if not most of the horses there are there for a reason. Yes, you can find ones you can clean up and fix up, but it depends on your abilities as they are now, if you can handle it, and it also takes a lot of knowledge to pick out the ones with the least issues (especially soundness).

    Technically the horses are supposed to have a coggins, and that's it. There is no way to prove if they are drugged, buted, or otherwise have something done to hide issues you may want to be avoiding.

    Good look.

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    Senior Member southernkb's Avatar
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    Jul 2009
    Upstate NY
    Ive been to unidilla three times... I only live 45 minutes maybe less away. I have never bought any horses, but I have bought tack there and have been through the barns before. Its deffinately not pretty what you will see there... but always possible to find a diamond in the rough. Meat buyers are deffinately there and you can usually pick them out. Its been over 2 years since I went last.
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    May 2010
    I went there a month ago, saw some nice horses for being at an auction get unloaded, didn't stay for the sale, but a few caught my eye, but every sale is different. And agreed to its not the greatest place. You can check out there website for the market reports too.
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