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Discuss Triangle T western saddles at the Tack & Equipment forum - Horse Forums.

Hey all I picked up a Triangle T western Roping saddle up at auction. I ...
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    Triangle T western saddles

    Hey all I picked up a Triangle T western Roping saddle up at auction. I was wondering About how much they sell for? I looked online but I couldn't Find anything out. Its in Excellent shape I have a Ad up for it for sale Higher price due to I'm not sure how much they sell for. Here is my ad.

    Any information would be helpful.


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    From what I can find triangle T is just a small time custom saddle maker. Which is better than being a bad brand I suppose. But not really giving any benefit to the saddle itself. Looking at that saddle I would probably say $250-300ish for the area where I live. Though the way some of the leather appears to be laying/curling worries me and if the leather is stiff and paper like probably more like $150-200
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    Just by looking at the picturs its a very cheaply made saddle its worth maybe $200.
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