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  • 1 Post By angie j

Discuss Treeless saddles vs regular saddles? at the Tack & Equipment forum - Horse Forums.

Tried to search them here, said nothing was found. What do you guys think of ...
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    Feb 2011

    Treeless saddles vs regular saddles?

    Tried to search them here, said nothing was found. What do you guys think of them and what is the better kind?
    Found saddlingsolutions.com and they seem cool.
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    ON, Canada
    You'd probably get all your answers if you did a search "treeless saddle"
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    Oct 2011
    Some people swear by treeless saddles. When a horse is hard to fit, a treeless saddle can help significantly. However, there are also issues with them, as they do not provide as much structure and some models do not distribute the weight of the rider and the saddle very well, which can cause problems for your horse. Often it ends up being a matter of personal preference - some horses/riders love them and work beautifully in them - some have problems.
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    If you go with treeless, get a reliable brand, not one of the cheapies on eBay, etc.

    I ride in Ansur saddles and LOVE them. I will never go back to treed saddles. I have four horses, three that I ride, and one saddle fits all (actually both saddles fit all; I have a jumping and dressage).

    I agree that not all treeless saddles work for all horses, though. You should use a good pad with them -- I use an Ansur pad and a Skito pad, depending on the horse.

    The Ansurs do require good balance, but every rider should have that or be working toward it, anyway

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    May 2010
    The genuine Bob Marshall sport saddle is also a good one. A rider does need great balance to ride in a treeless saddle. They are super comfy. I rode many trail miles in one (with a Skito pad) but prefer my Syd Hill aussie for some of the more extreme rides. The advantage of a treeless is they fit most horses, are extemely light weight, and allow great freedom for both the horse and rider...the disadvantage is they can hurt a horses back.
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    Jul 2011
    I loved the Ansur dressage saddle I rode in - thought it made a huge difference in my horse's movement. Then I rode in a really well made and well balanced traditional treed saddle - the horse moved just as nicely if not more nicely. The comfort of the horse has as much to do with the balance and support of the rider as it does with tree or no tree. I prefer trees over treeless because I just have this gut feeling that trees are easier on the horse's back over time and distribute the weight/pressure over a greater surface area. Also, I don't feel right going out xc in a treeless saddle on my mutton withered horses LOL

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    If you search "treeless" you'll see we've had a few recent threads on them here

    I love my treeless, I have a Barefoot Cheyenne. One thing to keep in mind is that you need a good pad with inserts. That is what keeps the spinal clearance since there is no tree. It's more of a whole system than just a saddle.

    If you use the wrong pad it won't distribute the weight properly, but if you have the right pad and the inserts fitted to your horse it will The treeless saddle made a huuuuge difference in my horse, Player. I use it for endurance (recently on a 50 mile endurance ride) and he vetted out with all A's on his back and withers. He is tough to fit and I went through a few treed saddles first. The Barefoot has been amazing for him. I have the Grandeur Physio pad with it, and I am going to get another pad to fit to my other gelding so I can use the saddle on both of them. I've tried the saddle on my other gelding and it fits, even with the same pommel in it (I bought mine used and she threw in the smaller sized pommel too so I could switch them out for different horses), but he needs a different pad unless I want to change the inserts around every time and I don't want to do that.
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