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Discuss Training a Standardbred trotter to rack/single foot at the Horse Training forum - Horse Forums.

Not sure if this is something I really want to train for (never tried) but ...
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    Training a Standardbred trotter to rack/single foot

    Not sure if this is something I really want to train for (never tried) but my new OTSTB trotter will do a smooth single foot gait the problem is he doesn't always pick it up (was told I need a bit for him to lean on) and I'm not sure how to ask for it. He does it when I try to slow down his HUGE trot, when he collects he goes into this smooth gait, I really like it and I would like to encourage it.

    He is currently wearing a plain loose ring snaffle and he is currently barefoot (I'm looking into boots just trying to find ones that are easy to put on and don't weigh a ton) is this something worth trying? He is super sweet and very willing (if slightly confused) by the saddle and I know all he needs is patience and a few wet saddle pads and he will be a fantastic riding horse.

    I was originally wanting him for dressage, but he is not happy in an arena and prefers riding out on trails, maybe combined training if we keep our arena work to a minimum, he does have a sweet jump on him (he took himself over jumps in turnout)

    Thanks in advance!

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    Our TWH gelding will do a speed rack out on the pasture, but we have never asked for it under saddle. I talked to some gaited people at Equifest Saturday, and they told us to use a bit for balance, shift weight slightly back, and ask him to speed up from a running walk. Due to lousy weather (snow) causing footing problems, we have not tried this to see if it works.
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    Move him up into bridle, and then relax seat, open legs off of him, wide hands and low, and bring him back slightly once you feel him settle. You might also slightly shake his head, if you have seen him nodding somewhat, by very lightly flexing first one little finger than the other on the reins, no more pressure than you use on your turn signals on car. Very light, and very quick and smooth.

    You can use a snaffle bit for all of this. Or a Mule bit too, to shake him with at first. But if he is picking this up nicely now, just need to refine cues is what I think.

    You can also, to break up his trot, place chains diagonally on him. I would use the lightest ones, or you can buy rollers, or make them. Also working in deep sand, dirt or up hills and down will help one settle.

    By setting your seat and relaxing it, opening legs off of him too, and bringing hands down wide and low, that will be teaching him cue for singlefooting/rack.

    Lucky you to have one that has this ability.
    "If you listen to the horse, the horse will tell you what it wants to be." Dale Pugh
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    Thanks! A few of the guys at the barn ride TWH and one told me tonight I needed a different bit for him to lean on. He's still pretty new to the saddle, only ridden him a few times (the weather has been very uncooperative) but he has tons of potential. I'll get a few pics of Beau up. He is a very talented trotter, won almost $200K at the track and was a pretty consistent 1:56 trotter. He is super laid back and is just a sweet boy.

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