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Discuss Tizwiz feed at the Horse Health forum - Horse Forums.

Has anyone heard of Tizwiz feed? The feed is designed by a man who taught ...
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    Tizwiz feed

    Has anyone heard of Tizwiz feed? The feed is designed by a man who taught Animal science/nutrition for years.

    Anywho, he has a new low starch/high fat feed out that is VERY competively priced.

    I am going to provide alink to the site here:TizWhiz Sales

    And I am going to provide a link to the feed here:http://www.tizwhizfeeds.com/docs/feed%20ad%20120805.pdf

    The feed is called Structure. Thanks for any comments.

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    lost in a fog
    No, have never heard of it.

    Not sure about the name though.

    I am having visions of our horses whizzing everywhere.
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    The hunter, combinded driving barn that I worked at fed Tiz Wiz to all of the horses, including the boarder's horses, and the broodmares, and young stock...all were fat and healthy....Cathy
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    I used to feed TizWhiz... we were told by many that their food helped with young horses and their growth.
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    I don't know what the latest and greatest (?) TizWiz is like, but...

    One of my old BOs was friends with the original Mr Tiznick (sp?) and was one of his "tell me what you think, what do I need to change" customers, being in the breeding business for a long time. Things got to be really good.

    Then Mr Tiz sold out, and my BO stopped buying it because the formula started changing towards a lower cost feed, at the expense of quality, taking advantage of the good name it had built up.

    That was well over 10 years ago, as I understand it, and I don't know where the quality stands now. I don't know any one personally who uses it now.

    The ingredient list looks nice - very little grain actually, 14% protein, 7% fat. How good it is depends on how much molasses there is, etc.

    I would call them up and ask them specifically what the NSC is - that will determine if it's TRULY a low carb feed.
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    I use TizWiz senior for my old lady. Well...not JUST tizwiz...I mix quite a few different things together to keep her at a good weight. I've always liked it. I can only find it at TSC though.

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    My understanding is similar to JB's. I am familar with the feed, but have never used it myself....nor do I know of anyone that does. This was the original pelleted feed and yes, it was founded by a nutrition instructor from a university....don't remember the details anymore.

    As for the Structure. Like JB suggested...call or email the company and request the NSC....only then will you know if it is low starch. Also I would want to know the calories and percent molasses and corn. While corn is listed on the ingredient list, it may be a very minor amount.

    If you are looking to compare this to Triple Crown feeds....this falls short by far. The TC equivilants are much more nutrient dense and have better souces of nutrients. However, the TW has its pros: high lysine content, good mid-range fat level....not too much and not too little, and some good ingredients.

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    The Arabs were on Tizwhiz when I started feeding there. They were the only barn in the area buying it. They have been on the 'local' version of pellets for a long (yr+) now and are doing just as well, imo a lil/lot less hyper.
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