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Discuss Thoroughbred/Morgan Cross For Sale at the Horse Classifieds forum - Horse Forums.

I rescued Comanchee back in June he was very under weight and had bad mange ...
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    Thumbs up Thoroughbred/Morgan Cross For Sale

    I rescued Comanchee back in June he was very under weight and had bad mange and worms. He is now very healthy, with a shiny coat and a very loving personality. He is 2.5 years old and around 14 hands tall and growing. His sire and dam are both over 15 hands so he should mature at least there. at first we thought he may be stunted because of his lack of nutrition but in the past 3 months he has really started to grow up! he's butt high again so i'm pretty confident he will reach at least 15 hands. He bathes, lunges, ties, stands okay for the farrier (he's still a bit unbalanced, but he's not a kicker or anything) I have worked him on the lunge line with a snaffle bit in his mouth and he had no problem with it at all. he's been saddled and walked around by hand with no problems. just recently he was backed by my 14 yr old step son and i led them around with no problem. He's got a willing attitude very good natured horse and a quick learner. He is very sweet also he comes running to me in the pasture. I'm going to miss him, but he needs someone that has the time for him. He's to good to sit in the pasture and not have a job. I am in no rush to sell him, but if a good person comes along i am ready to sell him. I'm asking 600 for him. He's a good jumper prospect i know his half brother is competing in the A circuit right now. They are out of the same Dam.

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    Do you have any more pictures from him this summer all shiny?

    Where are you located?
    Lindy2005 AQHA Mare

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    I'm in Missouri
    i will have to find more pictures for you.

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