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Discuss Is there a rule of thumb regarding number of horses per acre? at the Horse Chat forum - Horse Forums.

Talking with my trainer today after a great ride. Lots of people start counting total ...
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    Strasburg, PA USA (Just west of "Paradise")In the Heart of Amish Country.

    Question Is there a rule of thumb regarding number of horses per acre?

    Talking with my trainer today after a great ride. Lots of people start counting total acres, counting non grazing areas such as paddocks, etc. I have three horses now.

    My trainer said an acre and a half rule seems to have developed over time. With this approach it seems that access roads hold up longer, fences need repair less often, pastures can be managed, and overall maintenance does not fall behind.

    How many acres per horse do you feel one should have?

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    Queensland, Australia
    I would work on at least 2 acres per horse depending on the quality of the pasture. At the moment I have 2 horses and they have access to 5 acres and are hand feed as well.
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    Here its 1 acre per horse..

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    There really is no worldwide rule of thumb. The ratio of land per horse is determined by many factors most of which have to deal with your specific location. In fact many times ratio's will change from area to area within a state, or even from farm to farm. It all depends on the season, what grasses you are growing, the type of horses, shod or not shod, the yeild that those grasses are currently giving, the soil you have etc. If you really want to know what the status quo for your area contact your local ag. extension agent and they can give you exactly how many acres you need per horse for your area and they will do it for free.
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    May 2004
    england - its sunny sometimes honest!
    i was always told it was an acre per horse!!!
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    Jan 2004
    USA...down south
    i was told it was 2 acres per horse...we have about 18 acres and 8 horses...

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    Jul 2004
    the size doesn't really matter that much, and I want you to know this is a guy saying size doesn't really matter hahahhahaha...it's how you manage your pasture.I was told 1/2 acre per horse and break it up into 4 pastures and keep the horses in each pasture for 5 to 7 days and then rotate between the pastures.each pasture needs to rest for 17 to 21 days this is what they say to do in Washington,State.........take care......Bill

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    Feb 2004
    Dublin, Ireland
    1 acre for the first horse and 1/2 acre for every horse thereafter.
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    I've always heard 1 acre per horse or pony and 1/2 acre per mini
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    Apr 2004
    They say an acre per horse. It all depends on the size and physical stamina of your horse as well. If you have a draft horse than likes to play a lot then he's going to need some more room to run and play and graze. I tried to pull the acre a horse on my parents, which means we can have 20, but they said no. Anyways, it all depends.

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