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Discuss Summer Sores/ Habronema at the Horse Health forum - Horse Forums.

My gelding has recently been diagnosed with this. Does anyone have any experience with it, ...
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    Summer Sores/ Habronema

    My gelding has recently been diagnosed with this. Does anyone have any experience with it, and how did you treat it? My vet has been kind of difficult to work with so far so was just hoping to get some different opinions. Thanks so much in advance!

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    Aggressive use of ivermectin can help, and you might need some steroids to help with the inflammation (topical and/or systemic)
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    What about your vet makes him/her "difficult to work with"? You are their employer! If they aren't explaining a diagnosis and helping you treat your horse, fire them!

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    Talk to your vet about ivermectin and systemic steroids---he can look up the recommended dosages in the 2006 AAEP proceedings "Equine Dermatology II". If systemic treatment isn't sufficient to clear up the issue then surgical removal of the mass may be an option.
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    Tuffy has been fighting summer sores/habronema for the last two months. I did not know what it was and tried putting triple A oitment on it in July and it just didn't clear up. It was at the corner of his mouth with quite a bit of swelling that looked like there was something in there and a crusty, bleeding sore about the size of a nickle.

    The vet did surgery, really cut a chunk out I could hardly believe it, must have been a piece the size of two quarters. The flesh was infected with 'concors', these yellowish maggots about the size of 1/8 the grain of a rice. He got a steroid shot, ivermectin wormer (and dosed again 10 days later), and this funny smelling red liquid to put on the wound. The vet told me he might have to repeat the cutting because they can be hard to get rid of, and he was right, the wound started to heal then crusted up again and started bleeding and the vet ended up cutting another big piece out. Both times the wound was just left open, if it had been a human we would have needed stitches to close it ... it shocked me how bad it looked, but I was surprized how fast it would close up and start to heal.

    The life cycle of habronema is the worm live in the gut and the eggs come out the poop. Flys then become infected with the eggs and larva and transfer them to an open wounds (especially around the mouth and eyes). When the horse swallows the larva the worms get back in the gut and the cycle repeats it'self.

    It has been a fight getting rid of this. Tuffy is very sensistive of this wound and has fought me when I try to put the medicine on.... I have got him now allowing me to apply it without a fight, but that is a recent thing. For a while I was putting the medicine on his bit (wrapped with gauze to absorb some) and he would accept the bit and get the medicine on. The other thing is keeping flys off the wound, Cindy sewed up an extention on his fly mask made of the sleeve of a shirt and it hangs down protecting his the corner of his mouth. Looks cool, there is cut out for the nostrils and looks like those things the knights of old would put on their horses.

    I hope the wound is healing cleanly now, it looks pretty good.... The vet will see him tomorrow, so I hope he does not find anymore concors.

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