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Discuss Strep throat at the Horse Health forum - Horse Forums.

I met some horses yesterday that are being treated for strep throat. How dangerous is ...
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    Senior Member+ katylynn06's Avatar
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    Mar 2006
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    Strep throat

    I met some horses yesterday that are being treated for strep throat. How dangerous is strep if horses get it? I wonder what other human ailments horses can get.
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    Senior Member sheplovr's Avatar
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    Jul 2005
    I never heard of horses getting strep. In my 35 plus years with horses never had this but did get some Strangles from auctions, bad bad. Might be that, never heard of them getting anything human honey...........
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    The streptococcus strain is what causes strangles. It is incredibly contagious. All animals that are infected should be quarantined and humans should be cautious of transmitting the virus by shoes/clothing.
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    Strangles Is strep. H/h can both get Lyme disease, and encephalitis too, Tetnus, flu, rabies, food poisoning (Botulism, salmonella.).
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    wow i didnt know that step throat is stage one for strangles! guess i do now. um Cj said most of what they can get!!
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    May 2006
    Streptococcus A causes strep throat in humans.
    Strep B causes meningitis in infants and the elderly, and also colonizes the female reproductive tract that can cause a problem in the third trimester of pregnancy.
    Strep C causes Strangles in horses.
    A, B, C, etc. are the Lancefield groups, which go up to O. Each one is a (slightly) different disease with different symptoms. The only known passage of a strain of Streptococcus to pass between humans and animals is a type that passed between humands and rats.

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    Aug 2006
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    Katlynn06- Strep comes in may forms. The strep that the horses get is usually streptococcus equi equi (stangles, distemper). The strep that causes 'strep throat' is strep A, a different type of strep. When a large area , like many, many in a county have strep, it is usually strep equi zooepidemicus, which is secondary to a viral infection. It mimics strangles. Strep eqiu is very, very contagious! If you 'met' some horses with it, you can easily be the transfer- did you pet these horses- stand by their stall (where you might have stepped in mucous that dripped from their nostrils, or when they 'sneezed' or coughed- you might have stepped in manure that shed the bacterium. If you helped fill water buckets, you could easily transfer , as it is spread by the nasal purulent (pus) discharge. Horses are able to shed the disease for up to one month (or more) after he first onset of illness. Are these horses in your barn? If so they need to be isolated, stalls disinfected, buckets, grooming items. You should use a foot bath to disinfect your shoes, boots, before going in your horses stall. Once one horse has it, it is so easy to spread, not only by the sneezing, coughing horse, but by the people who clean stalls, care for the horses.

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