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Discuss Splint bone fracture (RickB) at the Horse Health forum - Horse Forums.

Originally Posted by RickB. If the splint is due to a tearing of the interosseous ...
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    Splint bone fracture (RickB)

    Quote Originally Posted by RickB.
    If the splint is due to a tearing of the interosseous ligament at the proximal end of the splint bone, then there is usually an instantaneous appearance of the 'bump' This is because the bump is actually the splint bone and not the body's attempt to repair the damage. If the bump is mid cannon then it may take some time for the bump to appear. this is because the bump is actually the body's attempt to repair the area by ossification. Mid-cannon splints(and generally, distal splints) are generally the result of a fracture to the splint bone

    Some horses show some lameness , most don't.
    I found this information after doing a search on HSG. I have a 9 yr old 15h sorrel QH gelding that I purchased a couple of months ago. About a week after I bought him, my trainer and I took him and another horse on a trail ride for about an hour...just walking. After the ride, we noticed that he was "off" on his left front. Farrier checked his feet and found an abscess. Had the vet come out and he dug down into the hoof and said that it appeared to be an abscess that was already healing. He had me soak the foot and then came back out for a recheck. He had the farrier put front shoes on Cash with a plastic insert which covered the hoof under the shoe.

    Cash seemed to get better, but not totally. So last Thursday, we had a specialist come out to take a look. When he was doing the flex tests, Cash showed more lameness after flexing of the ankle area. So, he took xrays of that area and told us he would call the next day with his findings.

    Talked to him the next day. The ankle xrays looked good. So, our next step was to take him into the equine hospital where the dr. is going to try to isolate the area by blocking and then taking more xrays. The appointment was scheduled for this afternoon.

    We drove all the way down to the equine hospital only to have Cash not show any lameness when the flex test was nor when being lunged. Dr. wanted to still take xrays of an area just below the knee. There was a small area on the xrays that the dr. pointed to and said he couldn't determine if it was an old fracture or a splint.

    This is where I'm not quite sure exactly what language to use. The explanation as I understand it is that there may have been a splint bone fracture or a tear that is healing well. Dr. suggested 4-6 weeks of not riding and then see how he goes.

    After reading RickB's information I quoted above, I don't remember feeling a "bump" nor did the dr. point one out to me.

    How long does an injury like this "normally" take to repair? Is there anything I can do to help it along? Any information would be very much appreciated!!!

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    I think you found that on my thread

    My vet said 4-10 weeks is the normal time of rest when dealing with a splint fracture. 4 being for a very minor, 10 being for a more complicated one. My mare was out 8 weeks and healed perfectly.

    If there is no bump or swelling, then you shouldn't need to use Surpass, but ask your very about it. Bute for 1-2 weeks to aid in inflammation, but other than that...all you can do is keep them on stall rest.

    Hope that helps...

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    Senior Member Joy Ride's Avatar
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    Jan 2006
    Eastern Shore of Maryland
    No bump or swelling so that must be good. Dr. said it looked like it has been healing pretty well already. Dr. did not recommend stall rest, just no riding. Cash can be kept in the pasture with his buddy. So I guess that since I haven't ridden him in the last 7 weeks giving the abscess time to heal must have helped with giving this problem time to heal also.

    The doctor did ask about where I bought him and made a comment about bute was probably given just before I bought him.

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    Jan 2006
    Eastern Shore of Maryland

    Do you use splint boots now as a precaution against future injury??

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