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Discuss saddle stools? at the Tack & Equipment forum - Horse Forums.

Does anyone know how to make or does anyone sell those bar stools made out ...
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    May 2010

    saddle stools?

    Does anyone know how to make or does anyone sell those bar stools made out of saddles? One of my teachers gave me her very first English saddle last year (it needs to be repaired and needs some big time TLC) but I wanted to give it back to her as a stool for her new home by the end of the upcoming school year. It was the saddle that her father (who has since passed) bought her, and she doesn't ride anymore, so I figured she'd really love it. Any tips would be appreciated

    (I wasn't really sure what category this would go in so I put it here)

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    Jul 2009
    don't know exactly , but can give you a suggestion that may get the ball rolling........

    i hang my saddles on 4X4 posts that are hung perpendicular to the wall, with the post turned so that when you look at the cut end, it is the shape of a diamond, rather than a square......the point of the diamond shape fits up into the gullet.......the length of the post runs the length of the saddle
    i have also used this method with the post resting in a groove on a huge block of wood, just for a saddle display on a tabletop

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    Senior Member+ crayon's Avatar
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    Mar 2009
    Another idea is to make a bar stool with the top part shaped like these saddle stands:

    Then you can put the saddle on there and screw it on near the top of the sweat flap or something and it will be in a stable, sturdy psotition.
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    May 2010
    tallyho, I'm not sure I follow, but I sort of get the picture

    Crayon, that would probably work :]] I was only thinking of those metal stools, for some reason. *facepalm*

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    Dreary Station, (NW PA, USA)

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    My uncle used to have some very similar to the 5th picture in TC's post. He was a contractor and had the stools bolted to the floor of his office for his clients to sit in. When he retired he had the stools mounted to flat rockers and his grand kids took them over. The saddles were bolted to the stool frame going through the saddle skirts, not into the tree, not really harming the saddle in any way. Just had holes in the bottom skirt under the top skirt. If that makes sense.

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