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Discuss Saddle King Saddles? at the Tack & Equipment forum - Horse Forums.

Any opinion on this brand? I found one at my local tack shoppe....
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    Full Member brindle's Avatar
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    Sep 2010

    Arrow Saddle King Saddles?

    Any opinion on this brand? I found one at my local tack shoppe.

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    Jul 2004
    The older ones are pretty decent. I had one that was made around '75 and you couldn't tear that thing up for nothing LOL! It had beautiful hand tooling and good quality leather. The new ones, however, are not well made at all.
    Older one: Yes, depending on condition
    Newer one: No
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    Senior Member+ DeeMagicMan's Avatar
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    Feb 2011
    I have one that is a rather new barrel saddle. It's pretty, but the leather is rather stiff, so much that I'm losing my stirrups constantly because the leather doesn't want to bend out at all to allow my stirrup to fit over my foot. It also has to be constantly oiled or it looks dry and stiff. It just soaks it up like crazy, then dries right back out. The seat is also quite hard and my "crotch bones" get sore after a while! LOL It does fit my horse perfectly, so that makes it worth it to me, id rather be sore than have a sore horse. I want to get one of those gel seat covers, but havn't gotten around to it. I wouldn't suggest them unless you have a small budget. they are a nice looking saddle for an affordable price. Just dont count on it being comfortable. maybe a saddle in a different style is better than the barrel saddle like a roper or cutter?

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    Senior Member+ lingen37's Avatar
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    May 2010
    Snohomish County, WA
    I got one a few years ago for my Pinto X Arab and it pinched his withers REALLY bad. So we got a new saddle and two years in a row we tried selling it at the local HUGE tack sale. We priced it cheap, just wanted it out of the house. No one bought it. I don't think it's the best brand...
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    luvs2ride79's Avatar
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    Aug 2004
    Arkansas, USA
    Saddle King of Texas is a decent brand, USA made and all that. (http://www.buytack.com/products-sadd...nu/oz-menu.htm)

    King Series or Royal King saddles are NOT good saddles. They are poor quality and made in Asia. I wouldn't take one if you gave it to me, unless it was just a decoration in my house .
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    Zimalia's Avatar
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    Mar 2010
    Ages ago, I bought a Saddle King Of Texas saddle from a friend. He'd used it for a rope saddle for ages, hadn't been able to tear it up. I had it for years, finally sold it.

    It was far from a new saddle when it came to me back in the mid 70's. Good old saddle.
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    Oct 2009
    Pine Knoll Shores, NC
    I agree with the older ones being good. Can't speak for the newer models, but I've known some of the old ones (70s) that were great quality, strong, well-made saddles.
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    Full Member brindle's Avatar
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    Sep 2010
    This is a newer one and it's the Addle King of Texas. It's the kind with the colored ostitch print seat.

    Thanks for all the input.

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