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Discuss Redneck swimming pool. at the Off Topic forum - Other Topics.

Because it so terribly dry here we have now had to start hauling water to ...
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    Feb 2006

    Redneck swimming pool.

    Because it so terribly dry here we have now had to start hauling water to some of the cattle. Ponds are drying up below the taps for tanks and creeks are gone. We just got 2 new tanks that I had to fill this afternoon. So, since they are new and not slobbered in by the cattle yet, the kids decided they were going to get into their swimsuits and play in the tank as I was filling it. This will be my daily project for the next week at least. Be sure and look at the last picture. We were going through town on the way home and stopped at DQ for a treat and went by the bank and saw the temp.

    Filling up the tank in the truck.

    Em opening the gate. That metal was HOT!!

    That blue is the new stock tank.

    OK Mom, turn on the water!

    They've made it into the tank and the water is running.

    This is a picture of the temp guage in the truck on the outside temp. while we were filling the tank.

    It's so hot, while I was filling the tank, the hoppers starting arriving from all over just to get near the cool tank.

    Now that's Redneck FUN!

    See, works pretty good for a temp. pool. Look in the background. That's how dry and brown it is. There is a creek down there, but no water.

    At 4:00pm on the way back through town. This was the temp on the bank sign!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now that's darn hot! But, just as I was typing this, I heard thunder. Looked outside and the clouds are building. Everybody pray hard that this makes rain. We need it soooooooo bad.

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    Senior Member appy99's Avatar
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    Feb 2006
    N Florida U.S.
    Hey you do what you gotta do. Just rained here too. Hopefully you guys will get some!

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    Senior Member HorseObsession's Avatar
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    Jan 2006
    Good ole' NC
    Hahaha..... we have done similar things on occation. Very inventive, lol.
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    Jun 2004
    Fort Collins, Colorado
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    Haha... those pictures made me laugh.
    Why is swimming in a stock tank so much better than... pretty much anywhere else? I remember once I hopped in a stock tank with a bunch of algae and there were leaches EVERYWHERE! Now that my friends is good clean redneck fun. Yee haw!

    I'm praying for rain, I know how much you guys need it.
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    Mar 2006
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    Redneck way aye... Well don't look in my backyard... I use water troughs
    They can because they think they can.

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    Senior Member+ reiner girl's Avatar
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    Apr 2006
    we had that last week it was to hot to ride to hot to move !!!!!! hope you get rain soon!
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    Jun 2005
    upstate ny
    we will keep our fingers crossed you get some much needed rain cindy. now where do i get one of those redneck swimming pools lol
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    Feb 2006
    You can pick one up at your local feed CO-OP for about $300. They're a pain to clean out though, because of the lip.

    TP - leeches!!!!!! YUCKY!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for the prayers for rain. I got 1 inch a moment ago - 1 inch between drops, then it quit. ARGH!!

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    Nov 2004
    At My Wit's End
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    YeeeeeeeHaaaaaaaaw! That beats a cement pond anyday!!
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    Please have exact change.

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    Jan 2004
    Langley, BC
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    Ahh! Can't you just feel the cool water just by looking at those pics!
    Wow it gets hot down there.
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