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Discuss Recommendations for bad knees at the Tack & Equipment forum - Horse Forums.

I'll try to keep this short. I was riding a horse on trial about six ...
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    Recommendations for bad knees

    I'll try to keep this short.

    I was riding a horse on trial about six years ago. While the horse wasn't anything special, the saddle was amazing. I asked the owner, and she told me it was an eventing saddle from Collegiate. It was the first saddle I rode in for well over an hour, and wasn't stiff or sore afterward. I recall the flaps were slightly longer than a traditional AP, but not straight in front, like a dressage saddle.

    If I could locate one of these, I would be thrilled.

    I am unsure what style of saddle this is, if anyone has any suggestions, or may be able to suggest something else - I've found myself coming up with creative excuses to not ride, and my girl does not appreciate being left behind.

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    Have you ever looked into an endurance saddle? I don't know what kind of riding you do usually or what you need a saddle to do, but endurance saddles are all about comfort. They have padded stirrups for shock absorption and I'm pretty sure they're built to put less strain on knees and hips. If you're a jumper though, I don't think it would work.
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    Keirran -- did you happen to look at the irons that were on the saddle??

    I have heard ALOT of people with knee problems really like the joint irons:

    They really do help me with my back pain, and my knees are never stiff in them -- not that i have knee problems as a rule of thumb, but they do get stiff from time to time.

    I only ask the saddle doesn't sound like anything overly fancy, but I could totally be wrong. Just tought I would throw this idea out here, as it's much cheaper than a new saddle
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    I do have a pair of jointed irons, they do help a lot, as did getting rid of the saddle with suede knee rolls. The irons on the saddle in question were the stock ones, only without the rubber pads.

    I do jump occasionally, nothing terribly challenging. I will look around here, to see if there are any endurance saddles locally to try out. Anything's worth looking into at this point. Thanks for the replies!

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    I did a little more digging, and I was wondering:

    What is the difference between the Collegiate Senior Event and the Collegiate RD Event?

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