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Discuss ***Purebred thread. Learn about varied breeds at the Critique My Horse forum - Horse Forums.

Originally Posted by Bodi Just curious to when the meat and potatoes of the thread ...
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    Jul 2009
    Quote Originally Posted by Bodi View Post
    Just curious to when the meat and potatoes of the thread is gonna happen.. the assessing. And who's going to do it? Volunteers.. or one individual? Anyone have a judging card that they can whip out what they see in the individual horses. What particulars they may look for when conformationally judging each of these breeds.
    I believe this thread is great to browse through, lots of photos of various pure breeds post by post.

    The people who own these particular breeds may be the best ones to list thier specific traits (as a breed in general) at the top of the posts, as they should know there breed, and this will allow users to see comments regarding traits, and then instantly compare them to photos below.

    Possibly posters can go back and edit these posts with the above detail. We can potentialy also do more with this thread later.....
    Last edited by horsegears; 03-30-2010 at 03:29 PM.

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    Nov 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by jordanna114 View Post
    Is the gray barefoot? Cuz it sure looks like it, and if that's all-natural-movement then wow!
    According to their website, they put 8 oz shoes on *Emanor when he arrived from Poland. Here are his list of accomplishments:US National Champion Stallion
    Polish National Champion Stallion
    Canadian National Champion Park Horse
    Canadian National Reserve Champion Stallion
    Canadian National Reserve Champion
    English PleasureUS National Top Ten Park Horse
    US National Top Ten English Pleasure
    Scottsdale Champion English Pleasure
    Regional Champion Stallion
    Regional Champion English Pleasure
    Regional Champion Park Horse
    Polish National Best in Show

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    Quote Originally Posted by txcowgrly View Post
    Here's Mac- 3 y/o reg Spanish Mustang Gelding
    [for those of you who've seen him- I WILL eventually get new pictures to post ]

    He's gorgeous! What's his breeding? Here's my Spanish Mustangs, they're Choctaws.

    5 year old mare:

    Her 09 colt (old pic):

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    I have to agree with Pete Cameron...
    This is the way Arabians are supposed to look....

    Dear Sheila,
    I received the photos of *Julllyen El Jamaal from Stuart Vesty today. I am having one of them framed for my den. It will be the only picture of a horse among my many prints and bronzes. When people come in, I will tell them that is the way an Arabian should look.
    1. Natural pose - no terrified look - not stretched.
    2. Proper halter.
    3. Natural coat - no wet look - no grease - no shaving - no balding.
    4. Natural mane, foretop and tail - not half a mane - tail not dragging on the ground.
    Best picture ever of an Arabian horse!

    Pete Cameron
    "It is our choices Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities." ~Dumbledore

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    Alberta, Canada
    Blog Entries
    Love seeing all these different horses Here is my horse, a purebred Arabian. 11 years old, about 15 hh. I don't really have any real good conformation pics.

    Play It By Heart (Player) ~ 1999 bay Arabian gelding
    Chall Struck WA (Little John) ~ 2005 chestnut Arabian gelding

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    Jun 2004
    I have always loved that picture of Jullyen, Sandra. And of course it was taken by one of the best, Stuart Vesty. Everything about that picture is beautiful.
    Resident Arabian Obsessive Member

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    Nov 2005
    College Station, Texas
    Quote Originally Posted by Rusti0183 View Post
    He's gorgeous! What's his breeding? Here's my Spanish Mustangs, they're Choctaws.

    5 year old mare:

    Her 09 colt (old pic):

    Thank you! I love you're little guy Mares pretty too (I'm a s,ucker for major white paints )

    I wish I could tell you his background He's registers with the SSMA (apparently he has THE mare in his lines that SMR doesn't count) His dam is Lo-Teva-Wishi [can't find her anywhere, kudos to someone who can...] and his sire is midnight cowboy.
    Last edited by txcowgrly; 03-31-2010 at 04:23 PM.

    Sexy By Summer
    Goals: lose the love handles and tone!

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    Mar 2010
    Here is my appaloosa stud.

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