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Discuss Pinto Horse Association Question.. at the Horse Breeding forum - Horse Breeding Forums.

Yes, the undocumented fee is what you will pay in this situation.... and believe it ...
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    Yes, the undocumented fee is what you will pay in this situation.... and believe it or not.... that is lower than it used to be!

    Lovesbeau....I don't know where in California you are located but there are several PtHA Charter Clubs in California....and you should look up the one nearest you and contact one of the Officers....I am sure they would welcome you into the wonderful world of PtHA!

    High Desert PtHA*
    Fral Lelli
    990 E Wesley Street
    Banning, CA 92220
    (951) 849-3031

    San Joaquin Pinto Horse Club *
    Brian Chin
    9400 Valley Oak Ct
    Bakersfield, CA 93311
    (661) 664-1326

    Southwest PtHA*
    Chuck Strand
    613 Rancho Trails
    Ramons, CA 92065
    (760) 789-1027

    Sun Coast Pinto Club*
    Sherry Barnard
    79 Aldridge Lane
    Corralitas, CA 95076

    (Charters with astricks (*) have been approved for 2010.)

    If any of the clubs happen to holding a show soon you might want to ask and see if their show will have a PtHA Field Representative:
    A PtHA Field Representative can be found at most Pinto shows. They can inspect your Pinto and assign you a temporary PtHA number that allows you to show immediately and is good for three months after the date of issue. The Field Representative will send us all of your paperwork and we will assign a permanent PtHA registration number. Please contact the show manager to make sure a Field Representative will be present.
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    Thanks alot for all that info!!

    That's not a bad price though!
    RIP Deago, you are missed every day.

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