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Discuss How often do you remove your horse's blanket? at the Horse Health forum - Horse Forums.

For anyone who keeps their horses blanketed in the wintertime, how often do you remove ...
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    Nov 2009

    How often do you remove your horse's blanket?

    For anyone who keeps their horses blanketed in the wintertime, how often do you remove their blanket to check for sores or other skin issues?
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    Jan 2009
    Quantico, VA and West Texas depending
    I don't own a horse, but for all the horses that I ride, we take their blankets off to ride. That usually ends up being 4 times a week or so and I have yet to see problems on any horse. I'm not a big fan of blanketing though...

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    Senior Member nikki1990's Avatar
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    Apr 2008
    I do once every two weeks on the best day
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    Sep 2005
    lost in a fog
    Daily so they can be groomed. They have their rugs taken off and allowed to be naked if the weather is fine.
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    Senior Member Qtina's Avatar
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    Jan 2009
    Since I moved my horses home I don't have an indoor arena anymore, so I am not riding this winter. But, I usually take them off about every other day to groom them and to help scratch their itchy spots. They seem to really like being brushed even though they aren't dirty.

    I buy blankets that fit well, so I don't have problems with rubbing and have never had my horses have any skin issues from them.

    I also remove them because I like to see how they are holding their weight and to see if I need to make any feed adjustments.

    I don't blanket my pony, but my 2 big boys are TB and 3/4 TB. So they don't grow much of a coat. My older horse will shiver if he gets too cold.

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    Jun 2008
    Here :p
    I try to only blanket in the wind/rain/snow. Otherwise, he's nekkid .
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    Jan 2008
    ON, Canada
    It's been 2 days for the fattys and 3 days for the lighter ones.... They are gonna HATE me!!! I hope tomorrow the wind will go down and they can also go back to nekkid!! (which they prefer)
    .....well, I've tried arguing with a brick before and found it more productive than getting involved in these threads Ambrose

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    Senior Member Apps4Life's Avatar
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    Jan 2009
    Scipio, IN
    When I had Allie blanketed during her pregnancy I undid it every night during feeding and rolled it to her neck. Scratched, groomed and made sure everything was fine with the bun in the oven.

    When it gets bitter cold and wet my other horses get their blankies.. same deal, but if it's still raining I don't roll it up to the neck, just undo it, run my hands under and then re-buckle.

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    Jul 2007
    northern ca
    Blog Entries
    I check blankets daily. Things can happen if you dont take the blankets off. I know somebody that didnt take blankets off for over a month. When they finally took the blankets off, they had blanket sores and one had dropped weight.

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    Senior Member QtrHrsMomma's Avatar
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    Feb 2008
    Northwest B.C. Canada
    We remove blankets and groom a few times a week in winter - or whenever the weather allows! When its sunny i let them run and roll blanketless... nothing worse tho then taking them off and it starts to snow/rain and then you have to somehow dry the horse to reapply the blanket... thanks goodness that doesnt happen often! LOL

    When the weather is bad for weeks - we often flip the back end of their blanket over their backs... toss the brush over them, check their weight and for rubbing and flip the blankets back on.

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