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Discuss Nutrena Safe Choice vs Senior vs Purina Senior Equine at the Horse Health forum - Horse Forums.

Our horses are 20, 22 and 28 years old and two of them need to ...
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    Nutrena Safe Choice vs Senior vs Purina Senior Equine

    Our horses are 20, 22 and 28 years old and two of them need to regain a lot of weight.

    Our vet likes Purina Senior Equine, but he said Safe Choice is good too. We didn't ask him about Nutrena Senior.

    The guy at the feed store said they quit carrying Purina because they started getting moldy bags in and Purina's customer service (to the feed store) had gone way downhill. Has anyone else heard about any issues with Purina's quality control?

    The feed store guy also said Safe Choice was selling like hotcakes and really bragged on Nutrena feeds, both SC and Sr. He said the main difference between them is that the nuggets in Sr. are more easily chewed and digested by older horses with possibly bad teeth. He also went on about Nutrena having more strict guidelines on amounts of specific nutrients. He mentioned lysine and some others I don't remember. That part kinda went over my head, but it sounded impressive If someone could explain to me about the -ines and other stuff I'd appreciate it.

    We'll see our vet tomorrow (or at least my parents will) and ask his opinion again, especially in light of what the feed store guy said about Purina. I wanted to see if any of you had heard the same thing. Maybe the feed store guy was mad at Purina about something totally separate.

    Oh, and of course there's a little price difference. I think he said Nutrena Safe Choice was $9.45/bag and Senior was $11.75. I don't know about Purina because they no longer carried it and I didn't have time to call another feed store yet. Expense is an issue since that was part of the reason my parents chose to rehome the horses last year, but they had to bring them home when they realized that they weren't doing well at the new place.

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    I've used strictly Nutrena feeds for almost 9 years now. I've been happy with the results.
    I used the Sr on my old mare.... I liked it.
    The place I worked at used the safechoice and went through the bags like hotcakes.... they used alot of it and loved it.
    I'm currently using the 10% sweetfeed, the Legacy (love this stuff) and the horse kwik complete.

    As far as Purina, some people hate and and others use it. Depends on the person, whats available, what they like and what works for their horses.

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    Yup...some people like Purina and other dislike it....it depends on your experiences.

    My friend has been solicited twice by Purina to sell their products in her store. She refused because she sells a lot of specialized feeds for horses with special needs and she needs to be able to tell her customers what is in the feed...Purina was the only company so far that will not be upfront with answer questions...but I understand that has been changing recently.

    My friend also sells a lot of Safe Choice and the customers love it. Not one person has had a complaint or changed from it in the year or more that it has been out. Nutrena rep said that it was their best all time selling product. It is, IMO, well formulated for many needs and we have had many people say that their horse's coats that have never been shinny on any other feed, are now shinny and soft....so that says something.

    About the "ines"....LOL I call them that also.
    Amino acids (the "ines") are refered to as "limiting" factors in protien uptake. The reaons is that it takes a certain amoutn of "ines" to process protein into a usable nutrient. The first limiting factor is lysine, then generally methionine is considered next and there are others. What happens is, when the "ines" run out....in particular lysine....the rest of the protein that hasn't been utilized yet will go to waste as there is nothing there to put with it to make it available to the body.

    Nutrena adds good levels of "ines" to all their mid to high quality feeds...while lysine and methionine are often the only ones listed on the tag, others are also avaiable from the ingredients (often Milk Plus is used in the nutrient package). Purina adds lysine to limited amounts of their products...I have not seen much of anything about adding methionine (but I might have missed it) and they never mention other "ines".

    One of the other factors that makes Safe Choice a good product is the type of minerals used in it. They use a lot of chelates...those are minerals attached to amino acids so that they are more bio-available to the body....thus increasing nutrient uptake.

    I have not had much experience with the Nutrena Sr...but it is also a good product by design for the reasons that your dealer has stated.

    As for comparison and which to chose...Safe Choice has an additional "ine" over Nutrena Sr. It also has higher levels of fat and minerals. Protein is the same...but probably more available in the Safe Choice. The Purina Sr has no added "ines". The fat level is lower 4% (hay is 3% for a comparison). The mineral levels are lower and as far as I know do not contain any chelated minerals. They use wheat bran...JMO, but I would not feed wheat bran to any horse. Overall, I don't really see it comparing to the Nutrena products you have mentioned....except that it too is extruded and thus the nuggets are easier to eat and digest.

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    I know Purina Senior is the only thing I seem to be able to feed my old guy, and he is in his 30's. He also gets beet pulp, loose vitamin/mineral, added fat, MSM, etc. He looks really good. It works for me, but it may not work for you.
    Mine is so old, that if I find something that works, and he looks good, we don't switch.

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    i have recently switched to purina safe choice for both of my horses and they seem to like it with no problems. havent noticed any quality problems with it either
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    Quote Originally Posted by jch
    i have recently switched to purina safe choice
    Did you mean to say you switched to Purina or to Safe Choice? Safe Choice is made by Nutrena, I think.

    Anybody know a price per bag of Purina Senior Equine?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Equineomite
    The guy at the feed store said they quit carrying Purina because they started getting moldy bags in and Purina's customer service (to the feed store) had gone way downhill. Has anyone else heard about any issues with Purina's quality control?
    **raises hand** I work at a feed store that has stopped carrying Purina as well. Reps wouldnt stay in touch, couldnt get call backs/credits for bad feed..yadda yadda.
    We sell tons (literally) of the Safe Choice. I beleive that Nutrena Senior is a bit cheaper than Purina Senior. Not positive since we dont carry Purina here. Good luck with your decision
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    Quote Originally Posted by Equineomite
    Anybody know a price per bag of Purina Senior Equine?
    $12.79 + tax. I buy 1 bag every 2 weeks for my 1 old guy

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    I use the Purina Equine Senior and I like it alot. It has MSM in it already and my two old ones love the taste because of teh molasses in it... they have not liked the other Sr Feeds we tried. Here is a page with the info on Purina Equine Senior and one with info on Nutrena Senior

    Oh and I have not had any problems with mold... just with it freezing a little bit in the coldest times of winter


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