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Discuss my horse has flakey chalky hoofs, HELP at the Horse Health forum - Horse Forums.

i was picking my horses hoofs out yesterday and i noticed that they were quite ...
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    my horse has flakey chalky hoofs, HELP

    i was picking my horses hoofs out yesterday and i noticed that they were quite flakey and chalky, it has been quite wet here the last couple of weeks any ideas what it might be? someone thought it maybe thrush?

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    Mope, not thrush...thrush generally thrush will smell really bad (like the worst feet you can imagine) and there will be a black "goo" oozing out of the frog.

    The white chalky stuff that you are seeing is the sole of the hoof ex foliating....a naturally occurring part of the hoof growth cycle. Generally, your farrier will scrape or pare that "dead" sole out with a knife. It is not unusal to see it when the environment is wetter than normal.
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    To add to Sue's post - the reason you're more likely to see it under wetter times is that under drier circumstances, the sole of the foot is more likely to come into contact with firmer/harder/more abrasive ground, and this serves to get rid of that dead sole. When the ground is wet, it can't do that.
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