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Discuss how much hay should you feed your pony at night? at the Horse Health forum - Horse Forums.

Right, so here is the thing.... I just got a new 13.2 connemara pony, and ...
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    how much hay should you feed your pony at night?

    Right, so here is the thing....
    I just got a new 13.2 connemara pony, and he is 5 years old.
    He's a fab pony and he has really setteled in well.
    I was just wondering how much hay at night he should be fed, he lives out all year, but his old owner said he needs hay at night in the winter, but he doesn't need any hard feed as she said it can effect his laminitus :S, and i suppose because he is used to it i thought i best carry on with feeding him hay at night, and i like to keep him close to the stables at night as my other horse is kept in and i think he liked to know another horse is close.
    I have been giving him about 2-4 sections depends on how cold it is or how hard he has been worked. He is being kept in about 1 1/2 acres of okay grass, which he shares with my horse in the day when he is turned out.
    I don't know what anyone else thinks, but my dad says its way to much and will make him ill, which i personly think is a load of b*llocks.

    Please someone help!!


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    Horses need at very bare minimum 1% of their body weight in long stem forage (grass and hay) each day -- more like 1.5-2+% is closer to ideal. So depending on how much grass he actually gets during the day, and how much he weighs and how much your hay weighs, that might or might not be enough.

    In almost all cases you cannot make a horse sick by feeding too much hay -- in fact, free choice hay (or close to it) is ideal in most situations unless there is a medical reason to contra-indicate it or the horse eats so much that he gets fat on it (fairly rare).
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    I like to ration it for my girls, so that they won't waste the hay overnight; but so that they won't run out, either. Mine do actually lie down and sleep at night (I know that some don't.) Generally, one haynet-full is good for me, per horse. By the time I get out there in the morning, they've eaten it all and it is not a huge amount that'd just be wasted.
    If keeping them out all night, I leave enough so that they will not run out.
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    feed your horse between 1-2% of his weight in hay.

    If you had a one thousand pound horse, they would need 10-20 pounds per day of hay.
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    Thanks for the advice, i will weight him up tommorow! He is a tubby little thing!

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    Pics of him may give some people on here, more of an idea on whether he really needs much hay.

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