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Discuss MTG for dogs? at the Off Topic forum - Other Topics.

We got a rescue dog about three weeks ago from the shelter, and she was ...
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    MTG for dogs?

    We got a rescue dog about three weeks ago from the shelter, and she was spayed and got really sick so they had to put an IV in her. So now she looks really goofy with her vet hair cut. Her whole belly was shaved, and her leg was shaved. Her hair is growing back very slowly, but will MTG work on dogs? Or is that not safe?

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    I think MTG might mention dogs on the label, actually. Lemme see...

    Yep. Says it's safe for use on dogs. It's safe for use on people, actually, so you should be fine - but it would still be wise to do a skin test before you use it "for reals" on the pooch.
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    Yes we used it on dogs with hot spots.

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    Oooh okay thanks!

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    Congrats on your new pup! Do we get any pics?

    Did you go to the Norco Shelter?
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    I hope you don't mind your house smelling like bacon. Haha.
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