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Discuss Moving to another Country out of college/high school at the Off Topic forum - Other Topics.

So, I have wanted to do this since 7th grade. Of course, it isn't final ...
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    Jun 2005
    Frederick, MD

    Moving to another Country out of college/high school

    So, I have wanted to do this since 7th grade. Of course, it isn't final yet. However, I would much rather live in france and have been taking the language for a year and a half (but by my school system, 3 years of the language) and I am dedicated enough to continue taking the language.

    But has anyone done this? I would maybe spend my gap year there, and see if I really want to live there, and if so, I would maybe even go to college there. I really like the culture, the language, the area. (I'm a skiier too MMM alps!)

    I know it will be highly difficult but it's seems VERY interesting to do.

    Any oppinions? I know I am thinking ahead, of course, but it's good to know. Just some background; I'm 15 years old, a sophmore etc. LOL

    The sad thing is, I don't know how I would get stormy over there to follow me. It would be costly.

    Forever a working student because there is always something to learn.

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    Apr 2005
    What about just doing a foreign exchange program? Living with a French host family, going to school there, seeing how you like it before you pack up your life and head out. lol. Have you been there before? I would recommend doing a foreign exchange, au pair, or some kind of program where your there 'visiting' for a short time (like a few months, or the summer), before you consider just moving. It's rough, especially when it's internationally- and it certainly can be dangerous. Plus, your views on things/likes and dislikes about a place change once your THERE.

    Also, many colleges have a foreign exchange type thing too- you don't live with a host family, but you go to college overseas. Same courses, etc, just in a different country different language.


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    Senior Member Hano-Arab's Avatar
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    Aug 2007
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    I agree with above.
    I want to go to college in Enland actually. But I dont think I am smart enough to even go to college, let alone in England!

    I am getting a German Shepherd soon. Be prepared. Remind me to get my Idaho pics up!

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    Or a study abroad semester or two in another country. I had it in my mind I wanted to study in Ireland for a semester, but I just can't feasibly swing it with Lucky and now Baron and plus the trip is looking upwards of $20k, which I just can't justify paying for one semester (it's over $14,000 more than I pay currently!).

    I am thinking I may just wait until after school and vacation there for a few weeks.

    There are plenty of opportunities to live and study abroad. It is fairly pricey depending what program you go through, but you can get some good deals. I remember the Paris program they had through my school was 21k...the cheapest for Germany available for 7k...so you just have to find a cheaper program if fund smight be an issue.

    Unfortuanately, and you will see in a few years, it's pretty impractical to think Stormy would be able to come too...especially right out of school. It's expensive to ship a horse overseas. If you wait until you are older and have an established income, it may work...but just for living and studying, you're most likely going to have to sell him or lease him out.
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    Aug 2006
    I moved from canada to the US. Not the same though. I also did a 6 month internship in geneva.
    Definitly no way you can bring the horse- a freind of mine looked at bringing her dog to england and the cost just for the flight was enormous. Not worth it.

    If i were you I'd do an exchange in HS, or a study abroad program from an american college.
    Diplomacy: The art of saying "nice doggie" until you can find a rock. ~Wynn Catlin

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    Mar 2005
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    I know my school uses AFS (American Field Service) I would look into that.

    My friends went to Italy, Costa Rica, Spain etc for the entire summer for a low cost.
    Turn my grief to grace.
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    Dec 2004
    Los Angeles
    You would need some SERIOUS money to go live in France right out of school. It is extremely expensive there. It would also be difficult to get a longterm visa and even a job [the unemployment rate is VERY high] unless you were already accepted into a university there.

    I am twenty two years old, have family in France, and am sort of financially stable but it would still be very hard for me to be able to live over there. I looked into it a few months ago.

    It's possible, but once again, very difficult. That would be the sort of thing to do in your late twenties when you have a really set and stable life. Or if you have FANTASTIC grades try and get into an exchange program.

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    Nov 2006
    In MN
    Your a sophmore so next year would be perfect time to do a student exchange mabey you should look into something like that.
    "I've learned to never underestimate the impossible"

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    Apr 2005
    Or be an Au pair when your 17. A live in nanny for a family overseas for the summer. Google: Au Pair in France
    You'll find some agency's.
    It's pretty neat, you get about 70- 100 EUR a week, I think. You have your own private room, and will definitely have one day off all to yourself. Usually involves picking kids up from school, taking them to fussball practice, getting them out of their parents' hair, etc. lol.

    It is pretty common in Europe, and a great experience for anyone wanting to experience other cultures. The families over there like it because it exposes their kids to people from other cultures/languages as well. They esp., English speaking au pairs.


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    Senior Member+ Reyven's Avatar
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    Nov 2006
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    My friend is doing a Japanese study abroad program for a semester in the summer. It will give her the chance to really understand the culture and see how life would be.
    If everything goes as planned, she plans to finish her degree here in the US and get an English teaching position in Japan.
    I really think that the study abroad program would be best as you would get the opportunity to be thrown into the culture and see if you like it. That and it would be a great opportunity without having to commit yourself to living there!
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