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Discuss Mouse Poop on the Couch at the Off Topic forum - Other Topics.

Nick and I are living in an old farm house and we had a mouse ...
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    Mouse Poop on the Couch

    Nick and I are living in an old farm house and we had a mouse problem for a while... we seem to have gotten rid of the mice (thankfully!) but we had two couches in the back room that we had not gotten around to setting up... so during the mouse problem we weren't ever in that room, which made it a nice place for the mice to hang out.

    Well, now we're in the middle of getting the rest of the house set up and livable... and those couches have mouse poop on them. Not a lot, mind you... but enough that I'm grossed out.

    Whats the best way to clean the stuff up and make things actually sanitary? :P
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    First make sure there are no mice nest inside of the sofas!
    Then I would hire one of those companies with the steam cleaning equipment to give the sofas a really deep cleaning.
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    I would look into having them reupholstered. Then you know the mice are Gone, as is anything they did/ left on the fabric. I bet theres mouse whizz in& on it. Ick.
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    Mouse poop isn't that bad. It mostly just dries up and has little smell. It's the mouse urine that actually smells and mice don't really control their bladders. They just kinda go everywhere as they walk so if there's mouse poop there's mouse pee. Best to just have it professionally cleaned cause that smell sticks around forever if you don't. We're currently working on cleaning up a house where they just shut the doors to 2 bedrooms and left nuts, candy, clothing, papers.. etc to the mice. I about passed out when I opened this one drawer to the dresser.

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